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Ten common financial mistakes made by Franchisees

Article by Chris Roberts Franchise Finance

The Consultants at Franchise Finance arrange funding and prepare business plans for prospective and existing franchisees on a daily basis. They also undertake Business Healthchecks for existing franchisees. As a result of these activities Chris Roberts QFP, Director of their Business Training Academy has drawn up a list of the Ten most common financial mistakes made by franchisees.


Selecting the right people to work in your franchise business

Article by Lindsay Parkinson Avensure

Before you open the doors of your franchise for the first time under your management, there are many things to consider including finding the right people to work for you. Lindsay Parkinson from Avensure discussed the recruitment process for franchisees when selecting the right people to work in your franchise business.


Top tips for promoting your franchise business

Article by Sarah Carlile Coconut Creatives

Marketing encompasses a range of activities that must be undertaken to promote your business. The type and number of activities you undertake will vary depending on your market, business and product or service. In this article, Coconut Creatives, award-winning marketing company, has provided a useful list of top tips for franchisees to help them promote their business.


How to avoid identity fraud

Article by Richard Holden Lloyds Bank

Identity fraud is where someone uses the identity they have stolen to commit a crime, such as applying for credit with the stolen identity. It can take a long time before you spot that you are a victim of identity fraud, and it can also take a long time to recover from it.

In this article, Richard Holden, Lloyds Bank discusses dentify theft and fraud and why it is a rapidly growing problem in the UK and who it can have a devastating impact on unsuspecting individuals who apply for finance.


How to improve your credit rating

Article by Richard Holden Lloyds Bank

 If you’ve had credit difficulties in the past, what can you do to get the backing of a bank to support your franchising plans?

In this article, Richard Holden, Head of Franchising at Lloyds Bank discussed how your credit history can affect your ability to borrow money from a bank however a poor credit rating can have a far wider impact on your ability to get store credit, a mobile phone contract or even pay insurance by monthly instalments.


Steps to buying a franchise in the UK

Article by Manzoor G.K. Ishani Sherrards

Having selected a franchise you wish to buy, there are a number of matters to which you have to attend before you can open for business.


Finding the right chemistry in a franchise partnership

Article by David Spackman Newton Fallowell

As a potential franchisee, making a match with the right franchisor is rather like trying to find your perfect romantic partner. In this exclusive article for whichfranchise, David Spackman, Director of Franchising at Newton Fallowell shares why it is important that you share the same interests, values, aspirations, desires and determination as the Franchisor. To find out more...


How to avoid franchise pitfalls

Article by Aspray Aspray

Before you dive into a huge financial commitment it is vital to gather as much information as possible to help towards a fully informed decision. In this exclusive article for whichfranchise, Aspray identifies how to spot pitfalls in a franchise and how to determine if you’re buying into an ethical franchise. As a prospective franchisee it is essential to identify the red flags before you invest.


Why attend a Discovery Day

Article by Andy Smith Belvoir

If you are considering investing in your future with a Franchise you will be offered the chance to attend a discovery day. In this article, Andy Smith, Head of Recruitment at Belvoir outlines what exactly a discovery day is, why attend one and how do you prepare to get the best out of it.


Making the most of seasonal PR opportunities

Article by Rev PR Rev PR

 One of the great ways to get PR published is by hooking on to something already being talked about in the media. So, does your business have anything to say as the year progresses through the seasons? Here are some things to think about as you plan your PR schedule each quarter:


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