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How to recruit people who will drive your business growth

Article by Steve Wheeler Business Doctors

In a small business, people who are specialists in the company, but who have never recruited or even managed people before often handle hiring new staff. This can lead to mistakes that can have an impact on a business that is otherwise ripe for growth. Getting it right – recruiting people who fit the role, the team, and even exceed your expectations on the positive impact they have – is tricky, but not impossible.


Franchising Step by Step

Article by Michael Johnson Card Connection

Whatever business you are in, planning and goal setting is important and none more so, than when you are buying a franchise. The step from employment to running your own business must be more than a leap of faith, it has to be a thought-out and well executed process to maximise the chances of success. In this article, Michael Johnson, Managing Director of Card Connection considers some of the basic points required for successful franchising.


How to improve your credit rating

Article by Richard Holden Lloyds Bank

 If you’ve had credit difficulties in the past, what can you do to get the backing of a bank to support your franchising plans?

In this article, Richard Holden, Head of Franchising at Lloyds Bank discussed how your credit history can affect your ability to borrow money from a bank however a poor credit rating can have a far wider impact on your ability to get store credit, a mobile phone contract or even pay insurance by monthly instalments.


Steps to buying a franchise in the UK

Article by Manzoor G.K. Ishani Sherrards

Having selected a franchise you wish to buy, there are a number of matters to which you have to attend before you can open for business. In this article you will find the help you need to complete the franchise transaction more efficiently, both in terms of costs and also in terms of your time and effort.


Making the most of seasonal PR opportunities

Article by Rev PR Rev PR

 One of the great ways to get PR published is by hooking on to something already being talked about in the media. So, does your business have anything to say as the year progresses through the seasons? Here are some things to think about as you plan your PR schedule each quarter:


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