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My franchisees are behaving like children!

Article by Andrew Fraser Albany Fraser Solicitors

“My franchisees are behaving like children” cries the exasperated franchisor. “That’s normal” replies the consultant, “Here’s why...”

There are 4 stages in the growth of a franchisee: Childhood, Teenage, Maturity and Old age. A Franchisor has the delicate task of managing each stage to get the most out of their franchisee.


Could a franchise broker help me find the right franchise?

Article by Iain Martin The Franchising Centre

Good question. As franchising continues to expand in the UK, there is a growing number of intermediaries offering franchise brokerage services; in this article, I’ll consider the pro’s and con’s of using a franchise broker to help you in your search for your ‘ideal’ franchise.


Why buy a franchise from a British Franchise Association member?

Article by The British Franchise Association (bfa)

The decision to become a franchisee is not an easy one and the necessary research can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. Making the decision, however, does not mark the end of the deliberations – you now find yourself in the difficult position of trying to choose from the myriad of businesses on offer!

The following article will give you some guidance on how to avoid the potential pitfalls and what questions to ask a prospective franchisor.


How to find the best franchise opportunities in 2020

Article by Andrew Fraser Albany Fraser Solicitors

Finding the best franchise opportunities is a challenging task and the world of franchising could be minefield but with a lot of careful research, this can be avoided. A good franchise for one person is not necessarily a good one for another, and it not only depends on you, your needs and your finances, but also on the franchise system, the competences required, the franchisor…


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