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whichfranchise quickly indentified our area of interest and introduced us to the UK brand Escape Hunt. This was a perfect match for us, and we went on to buy the Master rights for Escape Hunt for the US.”

Hunter Hendrickson
Proprietors Capital Holdings


whichfranchise were invaluable in helping, advising and supporting me in identifying and growing my franchise”

Suhail Rehman
Multi-Unit Home Instead Care Franchisee


whichfranchise helped me so much in finding and developing my franchise”

Lisa Tobias
17-store Multi-Unit Domino’s Franchisee


“I have worked with Johnny Sellyn and his expert team at whichfranchise for over 25 years. Throughout this time I have recommended them to countless clients and will continue to do so as they have always delivered an excellent service.”

Euan Fraser
AMO Consulting Founder, Clients include Nike, Ralph Lauren, Danone, Michelin and M&S


“When promoting the availability of new options to investors, the whichfranchise Master Franchise section is a must. We have met some outstanding candidates, several of which have gone on to invest in our client’s concepts.”

Iain Martin QFP
International Franchise Consultant, The Franchising Centre


“I’ve worked with Johnny Sellyn for over 10 years on different projects and have always found him and whichfranchise to be professional and knowledgeable about the franchise sector both domestically and internationally.”

Kendall Braddock
Franchise Director, HSBC UK


“We have worked with whichfranchise since we launched Crust Pizza and Donut King in the UK.  They have helped us to raise awareness of both brands to the right investors for our business.  Overall, we are delighted with the enquiries we have received and the seriousness of the candidates.”

Jabbar Mumtaz
UK Master Franchisee for Crust Pizza and Donut King


“I love working with the whichfranchise team, they really have their finger on the pulse.”

Adeel Ashgar
Master Franchisee for Scotland – Chilli Flames, Bodystreet, and easyProperty


whichfranchise are true masters when it comes to UK and International franchising. I am continually impressed by the scale and depth of their knowledge, network connections and insights into the mechanics of successful UK and International franchising. With 25 years’ experience, whichfranchise should be the first port of call for franchisors with international ambition and looking to enter the UK or US markets.”

Adrian Knight
Knight Franchises

For over 25 years, whichfranchise has worked with some of the most successful franchisors and franchisees globally. We have helped to match franchise brands with qualified groups and individuals looking for scaleable Master, Area Development and Multi-Unit opportunities.
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Johnny Sellyn

Johnny is the Founder of whichfranchise and one of the most well-known and connected people in franchising.

Suzanne Melville
Head of Marketing

Suzanne is responsible for overseeing all marketing activities at whichfranchise for the UK and US.