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whichfranchise Career Transition

whichfranchise Career Transition provides essential advice for those looking to transition out of traditional employment and into the world of franchising.

For many employed professionals, one of the biggest attractions towards self-employment and business ownership is the opportunity to take all the skills, experience and knowledge that you've acquired over the course of your career and to start applying them in your own way. Franchising can be a phenomenal vehicle for doing this in a predictable, low-risk format that significantly increases your chances of success

In this section you will find key insight, advice and things to consider when successfully transitioning out of employment into franchise business ownership. Rediscover your freedom and unleash your potential. To speak to career transition specialist click here

Why corporate professionals make great franchise owners

At first glance, you might think that the profile of a good franchisee is that of a dynamic business owner or extraverted entrepreneur. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth. Corporate professionals make some of the most successful franchise owners. Read more...

Top 10 tips for successfully transitioning into franchising

If you're considering a change in career, transitioning from the security of a known path to a unknown one can seem daunting and unnerving. In this article, industry specialists give you their top 10 tips for successfully making the transition out of employment into franchise business ownership. Read more...

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Adrian Knight - Knight Franchises

Adrian Knight - Knight FranchisesAdrian Knight comes from a talent acquisition background where he previously worked on the corporate recruitment team for a global technology company. Combining franchising with his love of helping others advance their careers, Adrian now helps people successfully transition out of employment into franchise business ownership, helping them to rediscover their freedom and unleash their potential.

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About Knight Franchises - Career Transition Specialists

Knight Franchises helps professionals move out of employment and into franchise business ownership. We help you to evaluate whether franchising is a viable vehicle for you and if so, help you to understand the industry and identify the two or three models that will best meet your financial and lifestyle aspirations.

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