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For over 25 years, whichfranchise has been providing prospective franchisees in the UK with information and advice on funding a franchise. We have, and continue to work with some of the leading banks in franchising as well as other franchise finance specialists. In our dedicated section to franchise funding you can enquire about how much money you can borrow as well as how to approach a bank for finance, you can put any franchise finance related questions you have to one of the leading franchise specialist bankers in the UK, identify the true cost of buying a franchise and the importance of having a business plan and what should be included in it.

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When looking at the cost of a franchise it can sometimes be confusing with talk of franchisee fees, deposits, average cost etc. In this section we look at how to identify the total costs of a franchise including explaining the difference between franchise fee, deposits, working capital, as well as how to verify a franchisor's projections.

Real cost of investing in a franchise Franchise deposits Franchise fees Evaluating financial aspects of a franchise How to successfully obtain finance

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When researching the viability of your chosen franchise opportunity how do you know that the financial projections indicated by the franchisor are indeed realistic and achievable? One of the most effective ways of verifying the validity of the projections given to you by the franchisor is to - speak to existing franchisees, ask the franchisor, build your own forecasts and review filed accounts. Read more

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Why use a Franchise Accountant

Choosing to use a franchise accountant is essential in the success of your franchise, especially as they will probably partner with you in your new venture for a long time. But how do you choose, and how can a franchise accountant help your business flourish? Read more...


If you've had an application for finance declined then you should ask the lender for a detailed breakdown as to why they've rejected your request. This will help you establish whether you could improve your application and potentially appeal the decision. Applications can be rejected for many reasons however the same issues crop up time and time again. With some insight into the common mistakes to avoid you can prepare a much more robust business case for the bank to consider. Read more about franchising a business

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Ask The Experts

Franchising can be a very complex area and to make sure you find the right franchise for you, or set up your own franchise correctly, is it imperative that you do as much research as possible. This includes seeking professional help and advice. Our Ask the Expert section allows you to post questions regarding funding a franchise, legal issues, accountancy, consultancy and general franchise advice. Post your questions to our panel of experts

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The business plan has two main purposes - obtaining finance from the bank and clarifying your aims and objectives. Here we look at the importance of the business plan and what should be included in it Read more

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