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Limitless options with Furniture Medic franchise

Ronnie Rae

Furniture Medic

Edinburgh & Lothians

Why I chose franchising

A franchise is a safer route than starting out on your own. I wanted support and training and the back-up of a company behind me. It is the perfect way to start a business and still feel protected and supported. With ServiceMaster Furniture Medic, as soon as I was trained, the company gave me some contracts. I didn't have to immediately start shopping for work - and this can take the pressure off.

What I did before buying Furniture Medics franchise

I worked as a Royal Mail manager for 20 years and was desperate for a change. I wanted a new challenge and to do something completely different, so I asked the company for early redundancy.

How I raised the finance for Furniture Medic franchise

I got a redundancy package and ploughed this money into my Furniture Medic franchise. It cost around £25,000, which included the fees, license and the cost of buying a van. I knew my redundancy money wouldn't last forever so I wanted to use it to create a new job for myself.

Training and support I received through my franchise

I went on a two-week course initially to learn all about furniture restoration and then on another week's course about upholstery and leather-work. I then had to take these new skills and put them into practise, and to begin with this was hard. But what is good about a franchise is that there is always someone for me to talk to. I phone ServiceMaster and can get support and advice at any time of the day.

Challenges I have faced

The first six months were one long challenge. The office work and day to day running of the business was no problem, I was used to that kind of work. But the practical side was much harder, things like refinishing tables. To begin with I was tearing my hair out and I don't have enough to do that! I was literally learning on my feet - but it is amazing how fast you can learn when you have to.

My advice to anyone thinking of buying their first franchise

Make sure you do your homework. Really look into what your options are and speak to a franchisee about their experiences. You have to be really committed if you buy a franchise, you are not just buying a job, you are buying a way of life.

My plans for the future

I want to make this business really successful and then sell it. After working for one company for 20 years I want to keep challenging myself and trying new things. So, if I sell it I may then look into buying another franchise. The options are limitless.