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Driving Miss Daisy Franchise

Driving Miss Daisy is a transportation and companionship franchise. Enter the social care sector at a lower investment level than traditional care franchises and without providing personal care.

John Overdijking Driving Miss Daisy

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At a Glance

Established: 2014

UK Presence: 50+ franchises

Average start up cost: £10,000

Min personal contribution: £5,000

International Presence 165 franchises across 3 countries

Development type: Single and multi-unit franchises; scalable opportunity

Franchise Info

Driving Miss Daisy franchisee with elderly customer in van

Make a positive difference to peoples lives whilst earning well and building a valuable asset in a rapidly growing sector.

Even before Covid-19 we live in a much changed world with an increasing social need. The services we provide enable people to maintain independence and lead the life they choose.

Driving Miss Daisy® is a unique transportation and companionship franchise using a proven business model with a solid track record. Our business opportunity offers low start-up costs and is home-based and benefiting from low overheads. This presents you with the opportunity to develop a profitable business and build equity value.  You will also enter the lucrative social care sector at a much lower investment level than traditional care franchises without providing personal care or registering with the Care Quality Commission or Care Inspectorate Scotland.

We understand the power of supporting each other to build sustainable, profitable businesses. We thrive on optimism, hard work, fun, and ‘telling the story’. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You are joining a supportive, collaborative team; you part of the Driving Miss Daisy® family.

Please allow us to introduce who we are and what we do through this short ITN produced video.

How much does it cost to own a Driving Miss Daisy® Franchise?

To open a Driving Miss Daisy® franchise the investment level starts at less than £10,000 + VAT, depending on the size of the territory, your location and your aspirations (terms and conditions apply). Driving Miss Daisy® has secured competitive finance packages with financial institutions to assist with setting up your business. When required, these options can be explored with you.

You will require a liveried, fit-for-purpose vehicle for your services which will be purchased by you. Driving Miss Daisy® works with you to deliver the vehicle you want and organises the livery of the car.

A franchise provides you with:

  • A licence to run your own Driving Miss Daisy® business; an established brand with a proven track record
  • Full, comprehensive training providing you with best-practice, knowledge and expertise to hit the ground running
  • A 12-point support programme for ongoing growth and development of your franchise, including a mentoring programme
  • A comprehensive business system and customer relationship management system including invoicing and reporting capabilities
  • A franchise resource pack in an easy reference modular format, to support the successful running of your business
  • Marketing materials to promote your business and stimulate demand as soon as you are operational, including uniform
  • Support in gaining appropriate hire licences
  • Launch a professional image with dedicated local Facebook Page, business stationery, business cards, letters of introduction
  • Website and social media facilities to socialise the brand and your business in your locality
  • Our dedicated Client Services Centre field the calls from new potential clients in your area, sympathetically taking their requirements and passing the details to you. They act as your dedicated call centre ensuring you don’t miss a lead
  • On-going training and best practice will always be available; we are passionate about sharing ideas that lead to success
Driving Miss Daisy franchise helping elderly customer

A growing market with huge demand

The Driving Miss Daisy® franchise business market is diverse and broad.

  • The ‘Sandwich’ Generation. Booking Driving Miss Daisy® services often comes from people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. They juggle full-time careers, a growing family of their own and have elderly relatives. Parents may not live in the same geographical area, adding even more stress. The sandwich generation are time-poor; hence our services are so important and relied upon.
  • Our Ageing Population. The sector with the greatest need is the ageing population. A consequence of ageing usually involves giving up driving at some point. However, when people do not drive, they can experience a restriction in lifestyle choices. As a result, isolation and loneliness can prevail, often leading to ill-health. This market segment offers massive growth potential. Services like taking people to appointments or going on social outings can literally, change lives.
  • Specialist Home-to-Holiday Service. Working with holiday companies, we provide their customers with a home-to-holiday transportation service. Often, these services are for disabled guests and their families.
  • Dementia. People living with dementia and their families, use Driving Miss Daisy®. Importantly, all drivers are Dementia Friends, and our understanding and companionship services are sought-after.
  • Contract Business. As a franchise business, contracts provide a consistent income, so many franchisees tender for contracts, e.g. school runs, to support business growth.

Due to this immense, growing demand for the services Driving Miss Daisy® offers, there is an ideal client base to grow a thriving and profitable business with a multi-car franchise.

Driving Miss Daisy franchisee with customers next to steam train

John Overdijking Driving Miss Daisy

Interested in Driving Miss Daisy?

Contact John Overdijking

Head of Franchise Recruitment

Click on the link below to receive further information on our franchise opportunity. You can also connect directly with us to ask any questions.

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Success Stories

Success Story
Davina's 5 year' Daisy Business Growing from Strength to Strength

From corporate hospitality to business owner, Davina is celebrating her 5th successful year running a Driving Miss Daisy Franchise in Kingswinford, nr Dudley. A REAL PEOPLE PERSON and keen snooker player, Davina describes herself as gregarious and enjoys a good chat! This has helped her win the hearts of the residents in her local community resulting in an excellent reputation and the go to provider for transportation and companionship services.

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Success Story
Sports Legend to Community Hero!

Stevie Lyle, dad of 2 boys and a 3rd due soon, is literally one in a million representing Wales and GB for over 23 years at the highest level of Ice Hockey - a sport not for the faint hearted!  HOLDING 83 CAPS FOR GREAT BRITAIN, he is the most capped Ice Hockey player the country has ever had and aged 17 he became the Junior Welsh Sports Personality of the Year too. Stevie is now the Driving Miss Daisy franchisee for Cardiff. 

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Success Story
Interview: "Building a business has been really interesting and we have learnt LOADS!"

Jocelyn and Tori both came from different background, having worked in events management and as a financial analyst respectively. However they both work together running the Driving Miss Daisy franchise for Farnham, Surrey. Learn about what drew them to franchising and some of the challenges they have faced growing their business here...

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Success Story
Paul is a local ambassador for Driving Miss Daisy in Wiltshire

Paul Dyer has been lucky to have had a good career in software development having been actively involved in some of the most exciting and key technological developments of the last half a century.  Reaching an age where he wanted to do something different that was equally as rewarding, Paul recognised the benefits of franchising and growing a template business rather than starting from scratch. And after narrowing down his selection to 10 companies, Paul’s further research and his heart, led him to Driving Miss Daisy. By satisfying a growing need in society for helping people to stay independent longer, Paul recognised that Driving Miss Daisy offered him an excellent business opportunity.

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Success Story
New Franchise Interview: Driving Miss Daisy, Sutton Coldfield

At the helm of one of Driving Miss Daisy's newest franchises are Andrew and Lucy, who recently opened Driving Miss Daisy, Sutton Coldfield. They decided to follow the franchising route as they wanted to run their own business after both having careers in the private sector. Learn about the community-orientated offering with the chance to give something back to their local area with Driving Miss Daisy helped make their decision to join an easy one!

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Success Story
Interview with Rachel & Julian Staddon, Driving Miss Daisy, Bognor Regis

In 2016 whilst we were living in Cape Town, South Africa, I started to look at ways I could help my elderly parents who still lived back home in West Sussex.  In doing so, I discovered the Driving Miss Daisy website, and was intrigued by their claim of ‘we’re family when family can’t be there’ as the services they offered were exactly what I wanted to provide for my mum and dad. We’re delighted to say that we are now back in the UK and are proud owners of a Driving Miss Daisy franchise in Bognor Regis.

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Franchisor Interview
Exclusive interview with Paul Nuth, Driving Miss Daisy

What do you do when you have no intention of retiring but instead want a future that is enterprising, has deep personal meaning and supports the communities we live in? You enthusiastically and wholeheartedly become a franchisor and launch Driving Miss Daisy in the UK!  Paul Nuth, Driving Miss Daisy talks about his journey with the franchise so far and his plans for expanding the brand throughout the UK.

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New franchisee in Lymington for Driving Miss Daisy

Sam Hague has joined Driving Miss Daisy as the new franchisee for Lymington. Sam has had an exciting career in sports broadcasting, living for many years in the Far East and travelling the world to many different events. She was looking for a new opportunity to get her away from her desk and computer, and into and contribute to the community around her. Having supported her elderly parents in recent years, Sam became aware of Driving Miss Daisy and felt it was the perfect fit for her.

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Driving Miss Daisy hits new records

As the UK's only nationwide Assisted Transportation & Companionship service Driving Miss Daisy delivers a very unique service to people who find it difficult to get out and about and live their lives as they would wish for reasons of age, physical or mental disabilities or acute or chronic health conditions.

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Davina's 5 year' Daisy business is growing from strength to strength

From corporate hospitality to business owner, Davina is celebrating her 5th successful year running a Driving Miss Daisy Franchise in Kingswinford, nr Dudley. Inspired by her dad, who also ran his own business, Davina looked extensively for something that would fit around being a single mum of two teenage daughters whilst carving out a legacy she could build of her own and using her inter-personal skills.

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1st Year Birthday Celebrations for Driving Miss Daisy Didcot

Husband-and-wife team Zororo Mubaya and Terence Kavuru, are celebrating their first business birthday after securing their Driving Miss Daisy franchise in August 2019.

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We're still here for you

Greg Blezard, Chief Executive Office Driving Miss Daisy UK, gives an update on the work of Driving Miss Daisy at the front line of the crisis and why it being part of a franchise and wider support network has never been as important as it is now.

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Driving Miss Daisy Barnstaple makes an Impact During its First Year

Driving Miss Daisy Barnstaple is celebrating its one year anniversary in June 2019 and are delighted with the impact it has made in the local community. The Driving Miss Daisy brand provides specialised transportation and companion services for young, elderly or disabled people throughout the country enabling them to remain independent.

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