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Buying into a franchise network is an emotional as well as a business and financial decision, even more so at a time of a national and international crisis.

I believe it is important that anyone considering buying into a franchise network understands how that network operates and supports each other during such times.

Driving Miss Daisy is operating on the front line of this crisis.

  • We support individuals, families and the NHS in ensuring clients and patients are provided with specialist assisted transportation and companionship to enable them to get through this difficult period with as little discomfort and disruption as possible.
  • We work with primary care surgeries and hospitals in transporting clients to and from essential G.P. and hospital appointments, such as kidney dialysis.
  • We ensure vulnerable clients are looked after, ensuring that their shopping is done, and prescriptions fulfilled.
  • We check on clients regularly to combat loneliness and ensure that secondary medical problems such as thrombosis do not become an issue, by ensuring clients exercise regularly no matter what their age or physical condition.
  • The team in our Client Service Centre is calling clients regularly to check in on them and arranging video calls where possible to chat and ensure they feel connected.
  • Our research and development and medical teams are working on the development of new interactive services for clients to use, to improve their physical and mental well being throughout this period and into the future.

None of this could be provided if the Driving Miss Daisy family of franchisees and UK colleagues didn’t work as a team, sharing experience and ideas and ensuring that all our clients, across the country, are supported to the best of our abilities.

Once the crisis is over we will continue to provide our full range of services that enable clients, no matter what their age, physical or mental conditions, to live their lives to the full, and engage in outings, days out, bucket list activities, holidays within the UK or overseas and generally do whatever they want.

Age isn’t a barrier to enjoying life to the full.

If you feel this is something you would like to be a part of please contact us, because apart from changing the lives of people for the better, it’s also a very good business.

Greg Blezard, Chief Executive Office Driving Miss Daisy UK

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