Date Updated: 16-September-2019

Education franchises

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The Creation Station

Looking for a franchise that inspires imagination and nurtures creativity in all ages? One that offers flexibility and freedom? Then why not consider The Creation Station, the UK’s leading arts and craft franchise. Get inspired today!

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    Premier franchisees manage a team that teaches children and young people in fun yet educational sport and physical activity classes.

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    Tumble Tots franchisees offer classes within their territory that develop children’s physical skills of agility, balance and coordination.

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    Rugbytots is one of the largest pre-school play programmes in the world

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    Mathnasium teaches maths to children. Established in 2002, Mathnasium has over 800 franchises across the world - and is still growing!

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    Tutor Doctor franchisees recruit and manage a team of professionally trained and vetted tutors, offering students an award-winning educational experience.

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    Jo Jingles franchisees offer fun and educational music/singing classes for babies and pre-school children.

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    CHAMPS Academy is a confidence and life-skills coaching franchise that helps kids and teens become more confident, stronger and happier.

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    The Creation Station offers children's arts and craft classes, birthday parties and events. Additional packages for adult craft market are available

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Education Master Franchise Opportunities

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    Kipinä is the fastest growing full-franchise international Finnish nursery and preschool brand in the world.

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About Education franchises

Education will always remain at the forefront of discussion due to the vital part it plays in on our kid’s lives.  The rise of private education classes and tutors has created a demand amongst parents for a need for learning from an even earlier age, with a large number willing to pay for classes to start educating their kids from pre-school with options even existing from birth!

Franchising plays a large role in this sector with education franchises remaining as popular as ever.  Baby classes such as Baby Sensory, Tumble Tots, Jo Jingles and the Creation Station all provide education through fun to very young children.

Tutoring franchises such as Tutor Doctor, Kumon and Mathnasium all provide educational support to school age child, focusing on core subjects such as Math and English.

Science is another area that is a popular choice for parents looking to expand their children’s knowledge with education franchise opportunities such as Mini Professors, Mother Nature Science and Nutty Professors all falling into this category.

Champs Academy is an education franchise with a difference. It provides life-skills coaching to help kids become stronger, confident and happy which overall impacts how well they do at school.

Sport and physical activities, such as those provided by a Premier franchise, offers fun and education.

If you are interested in an education franchise, there is many to choose from.

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