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Chick-fil-A franchise is a chain of chicken restaurants.

Over 2000 stores across the US serve Chick-fil-A signature dishes including breaded chicken sandwiches and hot waffle fries, six days a week. When Chick-fil-A was established, founder Truett Cathy made the decision to always close on a Sunday. This is still implemented in all Chick-fil-A franchise restaurants across the US today. Whilst some may think that closing on a Sunday is bad for business, staff seem to enjoy knowing they have a set day off and the fact their staff retention is higher than most other quick service franchise brands, shows it is important for morale which ultimately is good for business.

So is Chick-fil-A opening franchises in the UK? So far, they have only announced plans to expand outside the US into Canada but the UK is clearly a market of interest to them. In the past 3 years they have already opened pop-up stores in 4 major cities to gauge interest from UK consumers. Finding the right locations for their stores is of upmost importance, especially they have likes of kfc and Nandos to compete with in the chicken fast food market alone, which is why they are taking time to research the UK market properly.

Though if the reception from a recent Edinburgh event was an indicator of how popular the brand and its products are, we should hopefully see Chick-fil-A franchises across the UK, and Europe, in the next few years.

Minimum Personal Investment: N/A
Minimum Total Investment: N/A
BFA Relationship: N/A
Franchise Type: Retail
Industry: Food

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