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Yolé Franchise UK

Yolé offers an innovative approach to frozen desserts with its 100% vegan, ZERO DAIRY, ZERO SUGAR added low calorie ice cream. Over 80 locations across 15 countries.

Yolé UK Yolé

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At a Glance

Established: 2021

UK Presence: Looking for partners across the UK.

Average start up cost: £170,000

Min personal contribution: AOR

International Presence Over 80 locations across 15 countries

Development type: Single and multi-unit partners

Franchise Info

yole franchise range of products

Yolé introduces an innovative approach to frozen desserts with its lineup of 100% vegan, ZERO DAIRY, ZERO SUGAR added low calorie ice cream, crafted using oat milk, and our ZERO SUGAR added frozen yogurt.

This pioneering formula marks a new chapter in indulgence, disrupting the dessert market by delivering low-calorie delights packed with flavour without any compromise on taste.

Our 2024 UK menu is also showcasing our most popular ZERO DAIRY, ZERO SUGAR added specialty drinks from around the globe.

With 70% of the worldwide population suffering from some dairy intolerance, diabetes problems or are simply strictly vegans, it is easy to say why Yolé is becoming increasingly popular.

Yolé, with over 80 locations across 15 countries and expanding rapidly, is looking for new partners across the UK.

Franchisees can embark on a rewarding journey with Yolé, leveraging our brand strength, operational support, and innovative resources to achieve mutual success in the dynamic dessert market.

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Our Key USPs

  • We have a state-of-the-art R&D team who are dedicated to constant innovation e.g our 2024 ZERO DAIRY, ZERO SUGAR  drinks from around the globe.
  • From only 65 calories per 100mls, produced in Spain, and available exclusively in our stores.
  • Backed by a well-established and efficient dry logistics supply chain, franchisees can rest assured about the quality and timely delivery of our exclusive products—straight from the heart of Spain to the hearts of our customers.
  • Our world-class architects provide bespoke, stunning, and contemporary store designs that captivate customers worldwide.
  • Our streamlined staff training program facilitates an efficient operational setup, ensuring that staff are fully equipped to commence trading promptly.
  • Franchisees have access to premium locations, offering both single unit and multi-unit options to suit varying business aspirations.
  • Yolé provides state-of-the-art, centrally managed displays, integrating technology to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.
  • Franchisees have access to global marketing support, leveraging the strength of our brand to drive foot traffic and boost sales.

yole franchise stores

Ideal Partner

The ideal franchisee possesses a blend of ambition, drive, and a genuine passion for the food and restaurant industry. While enthusiasm for our brand and commitment to excellence are paramount, we also seek individuals or corporations with a proven track record of successfully growing a business.

Franchise partners should demonstrate a capacity for teamwork and collaboration, fostering positive relationships within the franchise network and with the broader community.

Financial capacity to develop and sustain a franchise is essential, ensuring the ability to meet initial investment requirements and support ongoing operational needs.

Overall, a holistic approach to business management, encompassing strategic planning, operational efficiency, and continuous improvement, is essential for long-term success as a Yolé franchisee

yole franchise range of products

yole franchise store

yole franchise food products

Yolé UK Yolé

Interested in Yolé?

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Yole's latest store opens in Thailand

Yolé's latest addition to Thailand has landed in Bangkapi Mall.  This is the third store to open in Thailand, following on from Central World Mall and Siam Paragon Mall.

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