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Date Updated: 19-September-2016

Harper MacLeod supplier

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Harper Macleod

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

      • It's our qualities that earn us our awards
      • It's our culture that builds our client loyalty
      • It's our acumen that shows in our business success
      • And these are all big benefits for our clients

We're business people. That means our advice isn't purely legal. It's commercial. We put ourselves behind our clients' desks and see the world through their eyes. It's an article of faith with us to look for dynamic ways to create value and generate results for those who instruct us

Value added

We're entrepreneurial. So we approach things with fresh minds and a talent for innovation.

We devise solutions for clients that blend technical expertise with hard-nosed practicality and commercial nouse. And we don't just follow. We devise services that anticipate where our clients are driving next.

Success in practice

We build relationships.

It's part of our mindset: we thrive on an engagement with all of our stakeholders - clients, staff and the wider community - that's progressive, supportive and opportunistic. Their aspirations are also our ambitions. We seek to be a destination of choice for able lawyers and discerning clients alike.

Our people

We chase excellence. Everybody says this. We do it. We're committed to the highest standards of service delivery, client care and communication.

Our philosophy has practical expression in our 22 Practice Groups. These give us specialist strengths across the most important business sectors. It also offers clients access to a unique mix of legal disciplines.

Franchise Services

Harper Macleod offer a fixed fee service offering:

      • initial consultation
      • detailed report on the franchise agreement
      • follow-up review meeting

We can also assist with property requirements such as lease or sub-lease. Harper Macleod have a close working relationship with Franchise Banks and Accountants and would be happy to make the appropriate introductions on your behalf.

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