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Tutor Doctor Franchise

As a prominent leader in the multi-billion-pound industry of private tutoring, Tutor Doctor franchise is experiencing one of the fastest growing international expansions of any educational company in the history of franchising.

With 15 countries, 640+ franchises around the world, Tutor Doctor has changed the lives of 300,000+ people by helping them with their academic goals. This is accomplished by utilising a unique one-to-one tutoring approach that matches students with professional tutors based upon the students' individual needs.

While each year Tutor Doctor has continued to grow at unprecedented rates, it is the commitment to the core philosophy - every child can learn, but not every child learns the same way - that remains the source of Tutor Doctor’s success.

The tutoring process remains the same, whether you are online or offline. Every student is assessed and carefully matched with the best possible tutor. We devise a custom-tailored program for the child, and offer support throughout every step of their learning journey. To facilitate the best possible online tutoring experience, we’ve teamed up with software provider Bramble for our program.

Min Personal Investment: £33,000
Min Total Investment: £ 33,000
BFA Relationship: Associate
Franchise Type: Management
Industry: Childrens

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Local tutoring business brings national award back to Cambridge

Cambridge -based tutoring business owners, Rob and Lynne Kerrison have received a national award recognising their response to the pandemic and for the ongoing success of their business, Tutor Doctor Cambridge.

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Engineering the future of education in West Drayton

In a career-swap steeped in community spirit, West Drayton-based father of three, Jagdeep Dhillon, has just launched his brand-new education venture, Tutor Doctor. A former gas engineer, the self-made businessman is passionate about making a difference in the local community.

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Education and social responsibility driving community spirit

In a collaborative effort steeped in social responsibility, Suzie Boon of Tutor Doctor Winchester and Adie Twining of Tutor Doctor Central Southampton & Salisbury have joined forces to give free English Speaking Language (ESL) lessons to Ukrainian children who have been uprooted from their homes.

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Somerset businessman returns home with new mission to shake up the education system

Despite enjoying a diverse career in business management, pharmaceuticals and the police, Somerset-based David Brassington has chosen to dedicate his profession to improving the quality of education with the launch of his new venture, an in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor. Transforming his career in the wake of the pandemic, he is already making an impact in his local community, covering Frome, Taunton and North Yeovil.

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Never stop innovating: the importance of moving forward in the education industry

Innovation has become a key aspect of determining success in both business and education. In a year that is focused on providing children with the necessary resources and support to nurture their imaginations and wellbeing as a part of their academic journey, it is equally important that high quality education providers lead by example. Education franchises, such as the in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor, are demonstrating how constantly striving to improve business operations and services ultimately enables students who utilise their services to become empowered and inspired by their unique experiences. Here Frank Milner, the president of Tutor Doctor, discusses how innovation should become an imperative practice in all businesses.

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Wellbeing a key driver in shaping the future of education and private tutoring

As the world continues to recover from a testing two years, the beginning of 2022 presents an ideal opportunity to reflect on the way businesses and their markets have been affected by the pandemic. For the education industry in particular, the future certainly looks different now to how it may have done pre-pandemic, with further importance placed on mindfulness and meeting the personal needs of individuals. Here, the in-home and online tutoring company Tutor Doctor reviews projections for how children’s education franchises will be reacting and growing out of COVID, as well as making the learning experience more positive for children who require the services of a high-quality, personalised education brand.

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