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Moveat Franchise UK

Moveat runs food and drink walking events. Customers stroll around a city guided by the Moveat app, stopping to sample food and drink at various bars and eateries.

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At a Glance

Established: 2018

UK Presence: Looking for first franchise partners.

Average start up cost: £225,000

Min personal contribution: £100,000

International Presence 70 towns and cities across Scandinavia

Development type: Looking for 4 regional franchise owners for the UK.

Franchise Info

moveat franchise

Moveat is the perfect daytime activity for all groups of people. Socialize while discovering a city through its food. Customers go at their own pace and with our app as their guide.

Established in 2018 in Sweden, Moveat is a social activity which takes about 4-5 hours, taking customers to multiple and carefully selected taste sample stops. At a Moveat event, you stroll around a city, discovering its intriguing restaurants, exquisite delis, cosy wine bars, and original eateries.

At each stop, you get one taste sample that represents the location. It can be anything from miniature fine dining to rustic street food, or from a piece of flavourful cheese with a tasty pairing to a delicious cake to go with your coffee.

Moveat blends innovative technology with social food experiences

The experience begins with the Moveat-app. In it, you can view upcoming Moveats and get your tickets, find out what taste sample stops are included, what will be served, and plan your personal route based on how you would like to eat your way through the day. After each Moveat, you get points, which gives you, for example, a discount on future tickets.

Moveat is a cost-effective, plug-and-play franchise opportunity. A Moveat franchise is an innovative route into the hospitality and event market. With a proven new concept, proprietary digital tools, and an established business system

moveat franchise

Why 1500+ restaurants love Moveat

  • Free marketing towards an attractive crowd with great purchasing power
  • Reimbursement to cover the cost of the produce
  • Upselling on the day
  • Simply structured and digitally accessible
  • Marketing partner

Moveat in Sweden

  • 60+ cities (70 towns and cities across Scandinavia)
  • 160+ events annually
  • 1500+ restaurants 35 000+ app users
  • 96% sold out events • 100 000+ Moveaters

Reasons to become a Moveat Franchise partner

  • The large potential of the hospitality and event market.
  • The attraction of a highly visible, innovative and proven new concept in the market.
  • The combined strength of the franchise concept and support from the Franchisor.
  • The potential to achieve high returns on capital.

Role of a Moveat franchisee

  • Setting up Moveat events in their region
  • This will involve making arrangements with appropriate F&B operators in a particular location
  • Once set up, they will market the opportunity within that town/city
  • Develop Moveat events across the region

Ideal franchise partner

  • Good experience in the hospitality sector – and associated knowledge of the challenges facing operators in terms of generating revenue in ‘quiet’ parts of the week.
  • Financial capability - Total investment: c.£225K and Minimum cash requirement: £100K
  • Good business development track record
  • Passion for the concept
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

moveat franchise

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