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UK Business Mentoring Franchise

UK Business Mentoring provides practical support and mentoring to small business owners to help them to manage, develop and grow their business. Home-based opportunity.

Joe Hinton UK Business Mentoring

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Managing Director

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At a Glance

Established: 2009

UK Presence: We currently have 10 franchisees in the UK.

Average start up cost: £25,000

Min personal contribution: £5,000

Development type: Single unit franchisees

Franchise Membership: bfa Expanding

Franchise Info

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Would you like to join a network of Business Mentors that help other people to develop and grow their business whilst building their own?

UK Business Mentoring is a fast-growing company which provides exceptional practical support to small business owners. Formed in 2009, we pride ourselves on being ranked No 1 in the UK for both mentoring and coaching by our clients.

Our Business Mentors are not only passionate about helping business owner’s grow, but also genuinely care about the people we work with.

UK Business Mentoring have been awarded a Five Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award following a survey of our franchisees by Workbuzz as part of our membership of the British Franchise Association. The award is given to franchisors that receive above average feedback scores across all five measured areas of Training & Support, Franchise System, Culture and Relationships, Leadership & Overall Satisfaction.

UK Business Mentoring satisfaction survey winners

What are the benefits of becoming a Business Mentor?

  • Freedom and autonomy to run your own business, from home, using proven systems and methods within your own geographic area
  • The wonderful satisfaction of helping business owners overcome their barriers and seeing their businesses grow
  • Being part of a network of other business mentors just like yourself
  • The opportunity to earn £150K/£200K per annum

What does UKBM look for in a franchisee?

  • 20+ years of all-round experience in a commercial environment
  • Previous experience includes understanding financials, people management, leadership and business development
  • Enjoy helping others to develop
  • A belief that helping business owners grow themselves and their businesses could be your Ikigai (which is the Japanese word meaning ‘Reason for being’)

Why join UK Business Mentoring?

  • UK Business Mentoring is rated number one in the UK based purely on client feedback
  • We have been awarded a Five Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award (2024) following a survey of our franchisees by Workbuzz 
  • We have proven models and systems that new franchisees can follow to fully support their clients
  • You will have access to all materials for example our three-hour business growth seminar, the Your Business Model, two-day Leadership and Management training courses etc
  • You will be given first class training, field coaching and ongoing support from a ‘Buddy Mentor’ for the first year
  • You will be part of a fast-growing dynamic team
  • We genuinely care about our clients and our team of Franchisees

What does the initial training consist of?

The initial training will cover all aspects of the role including:

  • Business development activities
  • Delivery of business development seminars
  • Our ‘Ascending Transaction Model’ to obtain clients
  • Undertaking a full review of a business
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Marketing including social media
  • Preparing your business plan

What are the costs?

The cost of a UKBM franchise is £25,000 + VAT (which includes one weeks training and all initial stationery).

We recommend you budget £5,000 for initial equipment, marketing etc and have sufficient capital to cover your own living expenses until you become established which we would expect to be by month six following training.

How do I join?

  • Initially you will have a telephone chat with one of the directors so that you can find out more about us and vice versa
  • If you wish to proceed, we will arrange for you to complete an online personality profiling questionnaire (DISC) and have a debrief discussion around it with our careers coach. This is to assess your suitability for the role
  • We will then arrange an interview so we can talk in more detail and discuss the opportunities and challenges you will face
  • You will have the opportunity to meet with other franchisees to discuss their journey and ask any questions. We also invite you to attend one or more of our seminars so you can see how we work
  • Once you’ve confirmed you want to go ahead, both parties would sign a franchise agreement (after independent legal advice) and we would proceed to training

UK Business Mentoring franchisee with client

UK Business Mentoring franchisee with client

Joe Hinton UK Business Mentoring

Interested in UK Business Mentoring?

Contact Joe Hinton

Managing Director

Click on the link below to receive further information on our franchise opportunity. You can also connect directly with us to ask any questions.

This is FREE and non-obligatory; we never share or sell your personal information.

Success Stories

Success Story
Buying a Franchise made me a better father and husband

Having worked in financial services for 30 years, Graham Ballantyne had run businesses for other people and always knew one day he would do it himelf. “I wanted to do something with purpose where I could genuinely make a difference along with something I’d enjoy. I have always loved to help people and really enjoy the cut and thrust of business so Mentoring made sense. I undertook a lot of research into various mentoring franchises as I wanted the support to make the leap – UKBM were by far and away the best I looked at, they shared my values which was key and also convinced me the support would be there which was important.”

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Success Story
Buying a franchise was life changing for me - the best career decision I ever made!

Paul Clarke was delighted to find a business that allowed him to utilise the skills he had gained during a 30 year career in finance. Paul opened his UK Business Mentoring franchise in Manchester in 2017.  “I always had a desire to run my own business but wanted a framework and support mechanism to ensure success. Mentoring business owners is a priviledge and allows me to utilise all the skills and technical knowledge I have gained whilst supporting owners to achieve their full potential. UKBM were clearly the best I looked at and I did look at many.”

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Success Story
Frustration in corporate life led Anne Williams to start her journey in Franchising with UKBM

Anne Williams journey from franchising to running her own business started with an itch. The itch was a sense of frustration in her previous role in corporate life. For years she had thought ‘There must be something else for me’, something that would give her satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Here’s how Anne scratched that itch….

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Success Story
Redundancy in late 50's is best thing to have happened!

UK Business Mentoring franchisee jim Gorrie talks about how redundancy pushed him into starting a new career in his late 50's. "I still remember the day, place and time I got told my services were no longer required. I remember the shock, the anger, the feeling of loss - after forty years in the corporate world (thirty-five years with one organisation and nearly five with another) I was being cast aside. On reflection I know this wasn’t the case, but I am only human, and I can still recall the irrational range of thoughts and emotions running through my head. As it turned out, it was one of the best things that has happened to me."  

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Success Story
Exclusive Interview: 'I wanted to be my own boss.'

Chris May has been a UK Business Mentoring franchisee since 2016. Chris has been very successful and it is interesting to understand how that has been achieved. It is clear that a big part of this success has been down to the franchise he bought, UK Business Mentoring, and the training and support he has received. Learn more about Chris' journey to success with UK Business Mentoring in this interview...

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Success Story
Exclusive Interview: "It gives me enormous satisfaction seeing others succeed and grow."

Paul Clarke was attracted to a UK Business Mentoring franchise with a desire to use his knowledge gained during 30+ years in the corporate world to help SME owners grow their businesses. As well as the financial rewards, the satisfaction Paul receives from seeing others succeed is something that helps him to continue growing his franchise! Learn more about Paul's experience with UK Business Mentoring, and how he would recommend it to others...

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Franchisor Interview
Exclusive Interview with Joe Hinton, MD of UK Business Mentoring

Bringing his 35 years' experience of the corporate world Joe Hinton established UK Business Mentoring in 2009, aiming to help other people and give back to the large number of small business owners who needed help on a variety of topics. Now partnered with high street brands such as HSBC, Santander and the Federation of Small Business UK Business Mentoring is growing its franchise network across the UK with plans for international expansion! Learn about why Joe decided franchising was the best route to grow UKBM and their plans for the future...

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UK Business Mentoring achieves Five Star Franchisee Satisfaction status

UK Business Mentoring is delighted to have been awarded a Five Star Franchisee Satisfaction award following a survey of their franchisees by Workbuzz. The award is given to franchisors that receive above average feedback scores across all five measured areas of Training & Support, Franchise System, Culture and Relationships, Leadership & Overall Satisfaction.

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Joe Hinton will be speaking at the Grow your Business Show

UK Business Mentoring is delighted that our MD & Founder, Joe Hinton will be speaking at the Grow your Business Show at Epsom Downs Racecourse on 22nd September.

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Graham Ballantyne, owner of UK Business Mentoring in Oxfordshire, Reading and Newbury, impressed the judges of the whichfranchise.com-backed awards so much that they chose him to receive a Great British Franchisee Award. It’s the highest honour in the franchising world and puts him among the industry’s elite.

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