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Exclusive Interview: "It gives me enormous satisfaction seeing others succeed and grow."

Name: Paul Clarke

Location: Manchester

Franchise: UK Business Mentoring

Date launched the franchise: Nov 2017

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you were doing prior to buying your UK Business Mentoring franchise business?

30 Plus years in senior management roles within the financial services sector supporting customers and staff.

Can you also tell us about the franchise you have bought?

I purchased a UK Business Mentoring franchise – which is basically a service provider to support small business owners in growing/managing their business.

Why did you go down the franchise route? What made you choose your industry? And why did you choose your franchise?

Desire to use 30 years of knowledge gained from extensive training and experience to support SME owners grow their businesses whilst reducing their dependency. Best decision I have ever made!

How did you raise the finance?

Through voluntary redundancy.

What training and support did you receive initially and ongoing?

Full week training course covering all the areas required to make my franchise a huge success. This is followed up by a series of further support days and 121 coaching during the early stages of my franchise journey. There is always someone on hand to contact/chat through anything.

How would you describe your day-to-day role as a franchisee?

Supporting my clients either via scheduled meetings at their premises and/or regular interaction via phone/email etc.Supporting my partners with free business related seminars and training for their staff.

What challenges have you faced?

Developing partnerships to support client attraction was initially time consuming however this was short lived and there was so much support available to help me through this initial phase.

Has becoming a franchisee changed your life, if so how?

Honestly, it is the best role I have had in my career and gives me enourmous satisfaction seeing others succeed and grow. Running my own business gives me so much flexibility, freedom and ability to develop as a mentor and as a person.

What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise? 

Do your homework-UKBM advised me to look at the competition which was extremely professional and helpful and clarified why I wanted to choose them. Then hit the ground running-beforehand start to work on your business plan and key relationships and in the first few months go for it and go outside your comfort zone.

In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee?  

YOU-its your business!-bring your personality and keep developing.

WORK HARD-you need to put in the effort especially in early doors!

SELLING-the ability to convey your worth and added value to your prospects.

DELIVER-your clients rely on you-be a partner not a short term fix.

What are your plans for the future?

Continue to grow my franchise and purchase a master licence…and travel the world!

If you had to do it all again, what would you do differently?

No I picked the right Franchise, with the right culture and support.

You can always improve how you support your customers though and its that which drives me on.

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