Are you a serial under seller?

Article by Dee Blick

The Marketing Gym

It does not automatically follow that because you love what you do, you’re great at selling. Yet sales are the lifeblood of your business. Many a good business has failed to make the big time because they ignored marketing and sales.

They slide into serious underselling without even realising it.

For example:

1. Their company website is lifeless almost a carbon copy of a competitor’s.

2. Despite going all out to lavish TLC on their customers you won’t find any description of their customer care ethos and brilliant benefits in their sales communications.

3. They have happy customers but not enough of them! What’s more customers are often in the dark about their other products and services because they haven’t been told about them.

4. They’re scooping up awards, great testimonial and accolades by the barrel load – but you’d be hard pushed to find evidence of these in their sales communications. Their growing expertise and hard earned success is a well-kept secret.

When I ask a business owner why this is the case; why so shy, they tend to reply along the lines of: “are people really interested in all this stuff? Do folk still read sales communications and look at websites?”

My answer is yes they do. When folk want to buy they have to be given good reasons to part with their money and to trust you. You have to sell yourself to them.

So you’re going to have to let them in on why you’re the business they should do business with. Re-energise every single one of your communications with the amazing benefits you offer; keep your customers updated with what you can offer them and stand out from the herd!

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Last Updated: 17-January-2020