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Acquiring a winning team with Driver Hire

Driver Hire’s Dundee and Perth territory has a new franchisee - Roy McLellan, who acquired the franchise through a re-sale. Roy is inheriting a winning team in Dundee and this is reflected in the recent superb sales performance of the business. It’s also been recognised in Driver Hire’s recent ‘Office of the Month’ award, given to the Dundee office for a combination of strong financial performance, sales activity and customer engagement.
Roy comes to Driver Hire with an impressive track record in the logistics business, including a spell as Royal Mail’s Scotland & Northern Ireland Distribution Director. In a previous life he was a senior officer in the Merchant Navy and has circumnavigated the world several times.
“For the past decade or so I’ve been based in the south of England,” says Roy. “My wife and I have always wanted to move back to Scotland. The opportunity to buy this franchise came along at just the right time. To be honest I’d never considered franchising. But once I’d been persuaded to look at the Driver Hire model, it changed my mind. Driver Hire is very professional, has first-rate business processes and franchisees enjoy great backing to ensure we are successful.”
“They put all new franchisees through an intensive two-week induction course covering the recruitment industry, transport and logistics and their ISO quality processes and procedures,” says Roy. “new franchisees are therefore fully prepared to run the business. Over the past few years I’ve made a lot of money for the shareholders of the companies I’ve been in charge of. Now it’s my turn to be my own boss and make some money for myself. I firmly believe that my Driver Hire franchise is the right vehicle to do that.”