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Impressed with Belvoir franchise

Denise Rhodes
Belvoir Paisley
Launched October 2009
“I’ve had many varied positions throughout my career,” says Denise. “Most recently I was a business consultant providing marketing and business strategies for other businesses. Prior to that, I had my own business providing community care.”
Why Belvoir
Due to the current economic climate Denise saw an opportunity in lettings. She chose to invest in a Belvoir franchise as she was impressed by the brand and Belvoir’s approach to the industry.
“The very first thing I saw about Belvoir was an advert in the national press,” says Denise. “From there I did my own independent research and I was very impressed by the brand and their approach.
“I looked at several franchise opportunities but I chose Belvoir because of their ethical approach to the market. They seemed to be built around a provision of quality which attracted me.”
Was the training course useful?
“Belvoir’s training course was superb,” says Denise. “I’ve been on many courses throughout my career and I found Belvoir’s to be very good.
“All the information given during the course was very detailed and directly aimed at helping us run a lettings agency properly. This was extremely useful, especially the information about the legal side of lettings.”
Denise says she also enjoyed meeting the other people who were also attending the course.
“There were other new Belvoir franchise owners there too and it was good to meet people from different backgrounds with a common aim. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Vision for the future
After a successful launch Denise is now looking to grow the business...
“My aim, initially, is to build a robust business which focuses on quality and good customer service,” says Denise. “I’ve already got one member of staff and I will look to recruit in line with business requirements as Belvoir Paisley grows.”
And, what about plans for the long-term?
“My territory is quite big so I may look at opening a second office within the territory in the future,” says Denise.