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Combining all your passions with a Monkey Music franchise

Name: Rachel Huggins
Location: Edinburgh
Family: 1 daughter
What is your career background?
My background has been entirely business orientated.  I started working for the family business and progressed through recruitment into sales, marketing and business development.  My final position was a Business Development Director for an award winning interactive design consultancy in London.  I have always been a keen singer and attended Drama College many moons ago. Monkey Music met all my needs as an individual and single mother and it has been the best decision I have made.
How did you first hear about Monkey Music and the franchise opportunities available?
I was introduced to MM as a parent when my daughter was just 3 months old.  I absolutely loved it and really looked forward to our classes together.  Only when I realised how impossible my situation was to maintain, juggling my profession and everything involved in being a single mother, did I investigate the franchise opportunities with Monkey Music. I chose Edinburgh since it made sense for me to work in an area that I knew really well. 
Another factor was Monkey Music’s award from the British Franchise Association. All things considered I realised how interesting this company was and what the possibilities could be should I join the team.  From a business development point of view it was essential to me that Monkey Music had a proven track record.
How often do you work?
In my first year of business I haven’t really allowed myself that much time out of the office or off but that is my personal choice.  This role is my key focus and by putting in the hard work at the beginning it should help the business in the long run.  I started teaching 3 days a week but that developed in the second term to teaching 4 days per week and have two half days in the office. I am now exploring working with a teacher and look forward to this new challenge.
How does the job fit around your family life?
Very well.  The classes only operate during the academic term, although I also do holiday workshops which helps income. I work in the evenings mostly and try very hard not to do very much during the weekends.
Do you get support/training?
There is training throughout the year at Head Office which is an excellent opportunity to meet other franchisees and teachers and hear about how they do it.  I also have direct contact with specialist support at HQ when I need it.    In addition, the franchise manager at HQ supports me day to day with queries regarding business development and is a great to bounce ideas off or ask questions.
How many classes do you run?
I started running 6 classes a week and working in 2 nurseries and that has developed over a year to running 16 classes and working in 5 nurseries.  I currently teach around 300 children a week.
How much do you earn (roughly)?
Annual turnover for year one was about £32,000.
What is the best thing about Monkey Music for you?
Everything.  It is the most rewarding job I have had.  I love the fact that my varied career has come together in all the things I now do each and every day. There aren’t many roles that can give you the freedom and flexibility to cater for everyone’s needs!
Would you recommend this franchise opportunity to other Mums?
Absolutely!  It is hard work and you are really busy at certain times of the term but if you enjoy being your own boss, being creative and above all meeting people and showing off just how great Monkey Music is then this is definitely the role for you.