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Optimistic future with Cartridge World franchise

Javed Akhtar

Cartridge World Paisley and Shawlands


Prior to joining Cartridge World, Javed Akhtar ran his own business - a grocer’s and newsagent’s shop in Glasgow. The hours were long and the work physically demanding. When a superstore moved into the area, it spelled the end for the business. Javed then did a range of jobs whilst considering what to do longer-term, but knew he was looking for something a bit different.

What introduced him to Cartridge World

Javed came across Cartridge World at a business exhibition. He made a visit to an established store, where he was impressed with what he found. The consistent demand for the product and potential profitability of operating a Cartridge World franchise coupled with the ethical nature of the business was enough to convince him.

Progress to date

Although now available at Cartridge World’s UK headquarters in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, at the time Javed undertook his Cartridge World training, in 2002, it was only on offer in Australia. Along with son Asif, Javed enjoyed the training so much that he didn’t want to come back! On their return, a technical expert helped them get the Paisley store up and running.

In 2005, with the original store doing well, Javed went on to open a second one in Shawlands, Glasgow, joined by his other son Atif. With each son now running a store and Javed taking care of customer deliveries and stock management, it’s a real family affair.

Javed is confident that he has built up a solid business with his sons, with Shawlands bringing in over £200K a year, and Paisley not far behind. The longer-term aim for the family is to keep on building up the two stores, with the possibility of opening up further outlets.

The Cartridge World team at head office provides Javed and his sons with support in areas such as business management, advertising, marketing and product development and advice, but the family also has regular face-to-face meetings with the Business Development Manager assigned to their stores. Javed finds that the fresh perspective and ideas offered are vital in giving him and his sons added incentive to keep pushing the business forwards. Javed also visits other stores when the opportunity arises and has found his fellow franchisees to be welcoming and helpful.

Javed says... “I get great satisfaction when I know I’ve done a good job for customers – when they tell me I’ve saved them money and the printer cartridge has lasted well. And whilst doing that, I’m helping preserve the earth’s resources!

“I’m optimistic about the recession as I think it gives us a great opportunity to attract more customers to our stores. There is a growing interest in the concept of refilling and reusing printer cartridges because people can see the logic in it. Cartridge World is the obvious alternative.”