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Express Excellence in Scotland

Dennis Darcy
North Scotland

Why did you choose Recognition Express?

When I became a Franchise Owner Recognition Express did not exist as we see it today, the company was called ‘Badgeman’ and essentially that’s what we did- made badges. Originally, we bought the business from a couple who had been trading for about 9 months (they had to move abroad) but we recognised the potential of the business even then, in spite of the limited product range. Back then, the concept of wearing corporate name badges was awakening in the UK.

How have you found the training and support given by Recognition Express?

Having experienced the ‘training’ in the early days, today’s structure with regard to training and support is a world away from 1982. The implementation of the marketing support and tools now available plus in-house training is a fantastic package to tap in to with the opportunity to pick the pack that most suits your particular franchise. A reassuring aspect is that support is only an email or telephone call away.

How was your first year in business?

My first year’s experience is probably not very relevant in comparison to the present time; suffice to say that the tools are in more abundance today to allow new Franchise Owners the opportunity to realise a healthy turnover and profit in their first year.

How do you see your business progressing?

Over the years we have embraced and invested in the manufacture of signage products and we will continue to realise and grow our business from this market sector. We also recognise that there is added value and additional revenue to be gained from the supply of promotional items and business gifts, and we will slot this into our portfolio of Recognition Express products. Essentially the diversity of products at our disposal whether it be manufactured in-house or buy-through will see our company grow year on year.

Do you have any advice to anybody considering Recognition Express as a franchise?

Firstly do your homework. Talk to people and other Franchise Owners, also have a look at yourself and question as to whether you feel good about what you see and can be enthusiastic about selling the concept of the franchise. With this being for most people their first step into self-employment, it is reassuring to know that Recognition Express has firstly the experience and more importantly the right structure in place to support you.