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Achieving His Ambition with Carewatch

Diane and Tony Price
Carewatch Care Services Ltd

Why I chose franchising

As a more sure means of realising my ambition to own, operate and run my own business. Using a tried and tested business formula reduces some of the inherent risk involved in any new venture.

What I did before taking up a franchise

I worked in the oil industry for an American company, Marathon Oil.

How I raised the finance

I raised the finance for the investment via a few different methods - redundancy, savings and an overdraft to meet everyday business needs.

The training and support I receive from my franchisor

Training is provided in two main ways. New developments are rolled out to the network in a means which is appropriate to the need, e.g. new software is instructed on site by trainers; potential new areas for business are developed in a controlled environment, documented, proceduralised and provided to the network. "Workshops" are becoming a more frequent means for discussion and understanding of new areas of the business.

The only support which would be universally acclaimed is that which allows the franchisee to bask in the sun while the franchisor goes out to make millions for the franchisee as part of his franchise fee. That ain't going to happen! But, we do pretty well. There is a huge amount of new legislation already affecting our industry and more scheduled to come. All we have to do is use and implement the procedures and policies we are provided. When I say ALL, there is just a touch more to it than that!

The challenges I have faced

Staff recruitment and retention; cash flow; generating income all the usual problems associated with starting a new enterprise.

My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise

Research, research, research and more research! Try to be open minded about the opportunity, but try to find something with which you can identify - for whatever reason. Try to avoid owning a business which you really don't enjoy and when you have found what you think is right, undertake research, research and more research.

My plans for the future

I have to start thinking seriously about retirement now and making provision for that. If I were ten years younger I would be striving to develop additional areas to that which I currently own.