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From hobby to career with Rosemary Conley franchise

Jill MacGregor
Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs Franchise
Edinburgh West

Why I chose franchising

Redundancy was on the cards. Having worked as a Computer Programmer for 10 years, and with a 2 year old, I felt the time was right for a change. I was already a qualified exercise teacher, so having seen an advert for Rosemary Conley Franchise in a women's magazine I decided this was the way to make an enjoyable hobby a career. I knew that if I taught classes under my own steam I would not earn enough to make it a full time career.

What I did before buying a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Club Franchise

I was previously a full-time computer programmer.

How I raised the finance to buy my Rosemary Conley franchise

Redundancy money financed 2/3rds and provided income whilst I completed my training. The other third was financed by my family.

The training and support I receive from Rosemary Conley

The training and support I receive is on-going. Regular training days are held and I am also in regular contact with my Franchise Development Manager. Help is always there if needed.

The challenges I have faced as a franchisee

I have now been running my Franchise for almost 8 years. I have had another baby that meant changes, but most importantly I am still in control of my working day. Changing market trends, such as more people joining gyms has meant that each year you have to work harder to retain your piece of the pie but by keeping trying new ideas you succeed.

My advice to others thinking of buying their first franchise

Talk to others already running a Franchise. Don't assume automatic success because you are buying a name. You still need to be prepared to work extremely hard but the effort will reap the rewards.

My plans for the future

I had considered selling after my second child, 2 years ago. I realised however that I loved the freedom and flexibility I got from working for myself as well as knowing I had the backup I required when needed. I currently run 12 classes a week and can honestly say I enjoy it as much now as when I first started. To continue running a successful business are my plans - I will achieve this by giving it the same enthusiasm and dedication I had from day one. I don't intend to increase my classes as I feel I have the perfect balance between work and family.