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Our franchisor interviews have been designed to give you an insight into specific franchise businesses and how they were started. By interviewing the franchisor, we can arm you with their perspective on areas such as the business itself, why they chose to go down the franchising route, their achievements and challenges, and what they look for in a successful franchisee - vital information for those considering franchising their own business or becoming a franchisee themselves.


Interview with Chris Rocker, Founder of Just Shutters

Chris Rocker is the Founder and CEO of Just Shutters. It was a 25 year career working for fitted furniture companies, that led Chris to start his own shutter business in 2006.  Chris built Just Shutters to become a successful and strong regional brand, but it was listening to Duncan Bannatyne talk about franchising that gave him his lightbulb moment. In 2009, Chris launched his Just Shutters franchise.  There are now 18 successful businesses across the UK and Just Shutters is now the largest independent retail specialist in the country.

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Exclusive interview with Garry Brown, Founder of PHC Service

Garry Brown is the franchisor of PHC Service, a vacuum repair and service franchise.  PHC is the first of its kind in franchising.  Whilst this unique business is new to franchising, PHC has been running successfully in the South East for over 34 years. Demand from beyond the South East has led Garry to look at franchising as a means of expanding his already successful repair business. Read more about Garry journey and this unique opportunity that is now looking for franchisees across the UK.

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Interview with Gavin Dimmock, Founder of The Drain Guys

Before starting The Drain Guys, Gavin Dimmock was a franchisee for another drainage franchise. During this time, Gavin learned a lot about being a franchisee and being part of a franchise network.  He has also learned everything he needed to know about drainage!  In 2015, Gavin decided to start his own drainage business, The Drain Guys.  The business has become so successful in the South East that demand for their services in areas they currently can’t cover, has led them to franchising.  Gavin is now looking to share his knowledge of running a successful drainage business with likeminded individuals across the UK.

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Interview with Syeda Kayanath, Franchisor of Mowchi

Syeda Kayanath has a lot of experience in hospitality as well as working with brands to develop their business and identity, so much so that she decided to use that experience to create a business of her own, Mowchi. “Mowchi was everything that represented me but also related to many consumers in this generation, a clean, sleek and minimal bubble tea brand with a unique USP of food and frozen yoghurt making Mowchi an entire experience.”

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Exclusive interview with Bek Halil

Fish and chip shops have always been a big part of Bek Halil’s life. Numerous members of his family have owned them over the years with his grandfather being one of the first migrants from Cyprus to enter the fish and chip trade.  His mother established Beks in 1989 but wanted Bek to go to university and do something different. “I had a great career in banking as well as working for food safety and health and safety firms. Whilst I was learning within my profession, I was implementing all these strategies into my mother’s fish and chip business.”  Whilst Bek originally got involved to formulate an exit strategy for his mother who was approaching retirement age, he soon realised that the business had grown to such a scale that there was an opportunity to develop it further. This has led them to franchising their proven model!

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Interview with Roni Dalal, Founder of Awesome Chips

Awesome Chips has successful stores from Leicester to London.  We spoke to Roni Dalal, founder and CEO of the company to find out about Awesome Chips’ recent push to grow as a franchise.

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Interview with the co-founders of The Travel Franchise

The Travel Franchise (TTF) is the UK’s fastest growing travel franchise. It enables anyone – regardless of previous experience – to follow their dreams and become a home-based travel consultant operating under its customer-facing Not Just Travel (NJT) brand. In this interview we talk to the founders, Paul Harrison and Steve Witt.  Paul and Steve talk about why they set up the business, how the business has grown over the years, challenges they have faced, what makes it a great investment and what they look for in a franchise partner.

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Exclusive interview with Vincent Anthony, Propertynest

We spoke to Vincent Anthony, Managing Director of Propertynest to find out more about the growth of the business, working in the property industry and the benefits of being a Propertynest franchisee.

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Interview with Hasan Syed Habib, Founder of Luckys

Hasan Syed Habib has spent his whole life in the food and restaurant business especially with the Halal and Muslim communities.  It was in 2018 that Hasan and his team took a site that no one wanted and created Luckys, a Diner and Takeaway concept that brought high quality dining, takeaway and home delivery to the local neighbourhood. The pandemic presented a further opportunity to develop and refine its position as a delivery specialist.  Luckys is creating a jewel in the crown of local communities. 

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Exclusive Interview with Tim Vasilakis, Founder of The Athenian

whichfranchise speak to Tim Vasilakis, the Founder & CEO of the Greek fast casual brand The Athenian. Tim discusses his journey into franchising and the future expansion plans for The Athenian. The Athenian are looking for single and multi-unit operators.

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