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Our franchisor interviews have been designed to give you an insight into specific franchise businesses and how they were started. By interviewing the franchisor, we can arm you with their perspective on areas such as the business itself, why they chose to go down the franchising route, their achievements and challenges, and what they look for in a successful franchisee - vital information for those considering franchising their own business or becoming a franchisee themselves.


Interview with Hamzah Islam, Founder of BRGR Lab

Hamzah’s journey to starting his own burger business was not a traditional route.  After graduating university, Hamzah worked in pharmaceuticals before starting his own insurance business.  In 2010, he went on to run his own company supplying official licensed merchandise to football clubs in UK and Europe.  It wasn’t until later that he opened a takeaway with his brother Hassan, and then 8 years later, following on the success of his first venture in the food industry, BRGR Lab was born.

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Interview with Matthew Goodman, Active Future Franchisor

Fed up with his job in builders merchant, Matthew Goodman decided to find something he loved and had a passion for which led him to sports coaching. “I’ve always been involved in Sport and sports coaching so I took the step to start my own coaching business.  I have always been interested in the environments that lead to drop out in sport.  To this end, I created a business that would look to address this huge social issue.”

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Interview with URBAN Fresh Burgers and Fries Founders

Since 2017, URBAN Fresh Burgers & Fries has taken Yorkshire by storm. Easy to operate with huge growth potential, its unique customisability concept is a fantastic opportunity for passionate partners who share the brand’s drive and values.  In this interview we speak to the founders, Mehmet and Zerin Kent on how a shared passion for hospitality led them to open URBAN.  Read their story.

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Interview with Philip McGuire, Commercial Director for First Mortgage

Philip McGuire is the Commercial Director for First Mortgage.  First mortgage is one of the UK’s longest established mortgage brokers and most established with 38 branches. They are now looking for experienced partners, certified Mortgage Advisors with 2 years industry experience, to expand the brand across the UK.

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Interview with Rami Awada, Master franchisee of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches UK

Rami Awada is a Canadian entrepreneur and the master franchisee and Managing Director of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches UK. He was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon before moving to Montreal, Canada to pursue his studies in industrial engineering. Rami worked in real estate and investment banking before pivoting to the food and beverage industry and venturing into food franchising. He introduced Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, a premium, American fast-casual brand to Europe, establishing its flagship location near Covent Garden, London.

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Interview with Johnathan Davies, Franchise Manager for Dope Burger

Johnathan Davies, Franchise Manager for Dope Burger, joined Dope Burger after an extensive career in hospitality.  Johnathan talks to us about the Dope Burger franchise opportunity and why it is an exciting addition to the thriving F&B thriving industry.

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Interview with Toni Dobrenko, Co-Founder of Lucky B's Hot Chicken Franchise

Toni Dobrenko is the Co-Founder of new franchise Lucky B’s Hot Chicken. Toni has gone from working in the kitchens at age 13 to owning and running a multiple award-winning authentic Italian Pizzeria in the heart of Glasgow’s Southside. With a hunger for more than authentic Italian pizza, Toni recently launched Lucky B’s Hot Chicken franchise alongside Co-Founder and best friend Giancarlo Celino. The pair have ambitious plans for growing the brand across the UK.

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Interview with Connor McDiarmid, Ale Hub Franchisor

Connor McDiarmid is a law graduate with a background in ecommerce. Fed up with an office-based job, Connor, along with his family, started Ale Hub in 2020 during pandemic.  Despite the obvious challenges they faced initially, they have managed to open 9 pubs across the Midlands.  Ale Hub is totally different to the large chain pubs as they only serve drinks, allowing them to focus fully on quality and customer service.

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Interview with Sanjay Roy, Founder of The Fruit and Veg Man

Sanjay Roy is the founder of The Fruit and Veg Man, the only fruit and veg franchise in the UK.  Before starting The Fruit and Veg Man, Sanjay enjoyed a career in fitness. It was during lockdown that Sanjay, like many others, found himself being furloughed. Sajay decided to spend his time productively, helping others to have access to nutritious, top-notch fruits and vegetables, while also raising funds for his local hospice. Thus, The Fruit and Veg Man was born. Demand for the business grew quickly, and in 2022, Sanjay started the process of franchising his business.  The Fruit and Veg Man now has 4 franchisees with plans to develop across the UK.

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Interview of Liam Hobbs, Franchisor of More Than Loft Ladders

Liam Hobbs is the Franchisor of More Than Loft Ladders, a franchise that helps home owners take advantage of unused space in their homes by offering high quality loft solutions; they make homes bigger at a fraction of the cost of a builder.  Like many people, Liam spent years moving from job to job, trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. It wasn’t until he was 46 years old that he finally found his lifelong career path. In this interview, Liam shares his story of how he went from a delivery driver to owning a UK-wide franchise business.

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