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Our franchisor interviews have been designed to give you an insight into specific franchise businesses and how they were started. By interviewing the franchisor, we can arm you with their perspective on areas such as the business itself, why they chose to go down the franchising route, their achievements and challenges, and what they look for in a successful franchisee - vital information for those considering franchising their own business or becoming a franchisee themselves.


Interview with Ian Christelow, Co-Founder of ActionCOACH

In this interview ActionCOACH Co-Founder Ian Christelow talks to us about how watching his father's business fail as a child inspired him to help other companies succeed with the services of a business coach. When he started in 2001 the term 'business coach' was relatively unheard of, but since then Ian has established ActionCOACH as the world's No.1 business coach franchise! Read Ian's interview to learn more about his journey...

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Exclusive Interview: A passion for health and beauty

 For over 50 years Guinot have been at the forefront of the beauty industry developing innovative skincare methods. Guinot franchisees manage their own High Street beauty salon and thanks to our extensive training and support, you do not need to have experience in the beauty industry. To find out how to break into this this lucrative industry...

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Exclusive Interview: "We are a values-driven, community-spirited franchise"

With a desperate need in the marketing for a truly personalised, high quality, home care service, Bluebird Care was started by a husband and wife team in 2004. Since then, they have proven success with exceptional growth and an ethical franchise opportunity on offer to those who are values-driven like them. In this exclusive interview, get an unique inside perspective on this exciting franchise and their plans for expansion...

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Exclusive Interview: "Building a ethos focused upon family values and high quality services"

Meet Clarriots Care MD, James Carratt, who by his own admission says “I started going grey when I was 19!” So iIf hard work and dedication were the root cause of going grey then it would make perfect sense considering Clarriot Care's expansion and successful thus far.  To get an insight into that makes this franchise thrive...

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35 years of successful franchising: Interview with Chemex franchisor Michael Graham

Michael Graham has been in franchising for over 35 years. In that time he has been lucky to be part of some of the UK’s most successful franchises, Safeclean, Pitman Training and now Chemex. In this interview we talk to Michael about his franchising journey, why Chemex went down the franchise route, achievements to date, biggest challenges including COVID pandemic, why Chemex stands out from the competition and their plans for the future. 

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"Ethical Franchisors are looking for people hungry to succeed and who share their work values"

Maria Hartnell has worked in franchising for over 15 years. and she is now the National Franchise Manager for Safeclean, a leading carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise. In this exclusive interview Maria talks to us about Safeclean turning 50 and the changes the business has gone through including being one of the founding members of the British Franchise Association. To learn more about their own challenges and successes to date...

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Exclusive interview; "Successfully franchising after being afraid of the unknown"

Before starting Cleanhome, Karen worked closely with Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic and from there she worked as a Country Director for Disneyland Paris. Reaching 50 and wanting a better work/life balance for herself, Karen decided that the time was right to start her own business. Find out more about Karen’s franchise journey, the challenges she has had to overcome, successes to date and advice for those considering franchising.

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Exclusive interview with Ken Deary, MD of Right at Home

After a successful career as a McDonalds’ franchisee, Ken Deary was attracted to Right at Home’s care franchise model in the United States. Recognising that they were a highly ethical franchise and shared his own values regarding high quality care, he opened a pilot office in Preston and the business has thrived since. To find out what differentiates them from the competition and the benefits of being part of a franchise network ...

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Exclusive interview with Andrew Coe, Co-Founder of Barrett & Coe

Andrew Coe comes from a family with a steep history in photography.  In this interview, Andrew gives us more information on the history of Barrett & Coe and their franchise journey including challenges and successes to date. To find out how they differentiate themselves from the competition and their advice to anyone considering franchising their business...

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Exclusive interview with Nick Lyons, No Letting Go

Nick Lyons knows all about franchising from both sides of the coin! He previously was a franchisee for an estate agency franchise before deciding that he wanted to start his own business in the lettings industry and take it down the franchise route. In this exclusive interview we speak to Nick on how he started his business, successes to date, plans for the future and his advice for anyone looking to franchise their business.

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