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Our franchisor interviews have been designed to give you an insight into specific franchise businesses and how they were started. By interviewing the franchisor, we can arm you with their perspective on areas such as the business itself, why they chose to go down the franchising route, their achievements and challenges, and what they look for in a successful franchisee - vital information for those considering franchising their own business or becoming a franchisee themselves.


Q&A with Anthony Round, Franchise Director, Burger & Sauce

Anthony Round has many years' experience in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry supporting major brands like Domino’s, German Donner Kebab (GDK), Papa John’s and Young Group.   Anthony describe Burger & Sauce as one of the most exciting projects he has ever been involved with. 

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whichfranchise talks to Razzamataz Theatre Schools Founder Denise Hutton-Gosney

Meet Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz Theatre Schools, a BBC Dragons’ Den backed and multi-award-winning franchise. From being a professional dancer to a trapeze artist to facing the dragons, Denise has a varied career, but what has stayed constant is her love for performing and being part of such an exciting industry. Denise talks to us about her career and her 22-year journey with Razzamataz, including the “bumps” along the way as well as the successes; which there are plenty!  Such an interesting and motivating interview from one of the UK’s most inspiring franchisors.

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Exclusive interview with Camilla Culshaw, Franchisor of The Teepover Club

Camilla Culshaw is franchisor of The Teepover Club, a business that provides luxury teepee sleepovers and picnic and pamper parties in a range of themes for children.  

Camilla started the business in 2019, merging her previous employment experience in PR, interior design and party & events hire to create a luxury experience for children. “I launched The Teepover Club® with just six teepees and a desire to make local children's dreams come true with our luxury teepee sleepovers. Fast forward to 2022, over 1,000 children have enjoyed our parties in our local area, and now hundreds are enjoying them in other parts of the country too with the opening of our two franchises in 2021.”

Camilla aims to create a network of franchisees, providing beautifully memorable children’s parties across the country with the word Teepover® becoming synonymous with teepee sleepovers nationwide.

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Interview with Helivelton Francisco, Founder of Dooh Ponto Hamb├║rguer

Helivelton founded Dooh Ponto in 2015 in Angola; the first Angolan brand to be franchised.  Dooh Ponto brings to the world the concept of the biggest and juiciest burgers in the world. From what started as a one-man food truck business, has grown to 12 franchises in Angola, and 1 in South Africa, Mozambique and RDC Congo. Helivelton talks about his journey with Dooh Ponto and his plans for international expansion.

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Exclusive interview with Suzy Sanders, Alchemy Virtual Assistance

Before creating the Alchemy Virtual Assistance, Suzy Sanders was an Executive Assistant for a very busy Executive in a global recruitment firm. After the birth of her son 6 years ago, Suzy realised she needed more flexibility and freedom from her career without sacrificing her earning potential or fulfilment. And with newfound fire in her belly, the strength and determination that Suzy found in motherhood left her feeling limitless. “I’d created a small human; I could certainly create a business too!”

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An interview with Kevin Yates, CEO and founder TRIB3

A pioneer of the boutique fitness model in the UK (1Rebel), Kevin Yates co-founded TRIB3 after decades of international experience in the health and leisure sector creating and nurturing disruptive, market- leading concepts.

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Meet Andrew Walmsley - Franchisor of Concept Claim Solutions

Andy Walmsley, Group Operations Director and Franchisor of Concept Claim Solutions, shares a unique insight into the property insurance sector. He explains the changes to the brand, the significant investments in the franchise starter package and the way the business adapted to overcome changes in the market.

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Exclusive interview with Aiden Keegan, CEO of Esquires Coffee UK

There are currently 48 Esquires stores in the UK with over 30 franchisees, many of whom are now multi store franchisees.  The company is looking to add another 20+ stores in 2022.  And the man in charge of helping Esquires achieve this is Aiden Keegan, CEO of Esquires Coffee UK.

Aiden has been with Esquires since 2004.  He started his Esquires journey at Esquires Ireland, where he helped the then owner grow the network from 2 to 15 franchised stores.  

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Interview with Founder of Street Greek, Kristina Koncova

Leading UK Greek food Franchise, Street Greek, is enjoying a rather tasty niche in the market.  The brand's ethos of, “modern flavours with ancient values”, is attracting an increasing number of hungry customers from all demographics across London.  With new stores opening every month across the capital in premium locations, this exciting new brand, is now set to target nationwide expansion from 2022.

Founder and Managing Director Kristina Koncova talks to whichfranchise about her journey from founding the business in 2018 to adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic to her plans for the UK expansion of this exciting brand.

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Exclusive Interview with Scott Weir, Founder & CEO of Pillow Partners

Scott Weir set up his first Letting Agency in 2006, before going on to established Pillow Partners in 2016.  Scott talks to us about how the management of properties has been pretty much his life for the last 2 decades and the journey to setting up Pillow Partners, the Pillow Partners opportunity and their plans for UK and international expansion.

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