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Interview with Geoff Hunt, Franchisor RZ-Clean-Seal


Geoff Hunt has always had a passion for solving problems and doing things differently than following the Status Quo! After many years in retail, he started in the service industry in 2008 and clearly found his passion. After seeing how the industry approached Kitchen Extraction Maintenance, Geoff set out to find a better way for both clients and his team, and that was the birth of RZ-CLEAN-SEAL®. Geoff’s skills lie in business support and working with his team and Franchisees to develop themselves and their business.

Geoff, can you tell us about RZ-Clean-Seal?

RZ-Clean-Seal® is at the forefront of supporting a sustainable future for food outlets. Our unique process that has been developed over 10 years has proven results for cost reduction, reduced carbon footprint, fire risk and increased system efficiency. 

My role is to help develop franchisees to get the maximum potential out of the franchisee's  investment. Also provide coaching and direction on strategy and growth.

Who is your target market  and what is the demand for your services?

Restaurants, Food Outlets and Food Factories. Duct cleaning is regular cleans can be as much as monthly due to being regulation for insurance. RZ-Clean-Seal method has a unique part with the sealing of ducts this is creating a sustainable solution for the food outlets.

Why is RZ-Clean-Seal a great investment for potential franchisees?

Our offering is unique, our processes are proven, our knowledge of the industry and the support we can give ensures you are given the best opportunity to succeed.

What differentiates you  from the competition?

We are unique no other company in the world is able to offer what we can as a service to our clients.

What is the role of a RZ-Clean-Seal franchisee?

  • Running the day-to-day business
  • Planning your work and ensuring your teams have the equipment required to complete jobs to the highest standards
  • Driving new business and building relationships within your assigned area
  • Invoicing your customers
  • Using our central systems to manage your admin and business finances

What qualities do you look for in a franchisee?  What makes a successful RZ Clean franchisee?

  • Commitment to running your business on a day-to-day basis following our business model
  • Dedicated to delivering right-first-time service
  • Hard Work: Working hard is a given within any business however ensuring you work hard every day will ensure you reap the rewards
  • Honesty and integrity: Our customers trust us and have bought into our vision of the industry, therefore we need to ensure you keep this trust and deliver the best possible standard of work
  • Respect: At RZ-Clean-Seal® we believe respect is paramount to our customers and our employees

What challenges have you had to overcome and adapt to over the years in your franchise and the industry in general?

Within our business we have had challenges because our concept and our methods were new. We had a lot of push back within the industry however we stayed on our plan and always looked forward because we know we could change the industry for the better

>What have been RZ Clean’s biggest achievements/successes to date so far?

Our biggest achievements is to be able to deliver our solution at scale. We have perfect our training and guidance therefore everyone knows their role. We also have huge engagement within our colleagues and franchisee everyone is going the same way on the journey.

What does the future hold for RZ Clean? What are your growth targets?

We believe we are the future of how kitchen extracts are maintained. We have visions and plans to offer our franchise worldwide working with likeminded business owners who want to offer a sustainable solution for their clients.

What expansion plans have you got nationally and internationally?

We are looking to have maximum of 15 UK franchisees that are all management franchises and have at least 4 teams working for them.

We have currently signed a franchisee covering Netherlands and Belgium starting in January 2024. We have lots of interest to grow internally and throughout the next few years we will be offering our franchise internationally.

Interested and want to know more about RZ-Clean-Seal?

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