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Often in life if something seems too good to be true it probably is – but in the case of Techclean, The Bardon Group’s latest franchise, the opportunity really does offer an amazing return on investment with Techclean franchisees expected to achieve a net profit margin of over 55% within the first year of trading.

Why Techclean?

In today’s age of superbugs, office hygiene has shot straight to the top of most companies’ list of priorities. Techclean, ably meets this growing demand from businesses and organisations by providing a top-quality cleaning service for office equipment that comes into regular contact with human hands - including laptops, PCs, printers, photocopiers and telephones not forgetting data rooms, music studios and computer suites.

Swab tests have proved there’s more harmful bacteria on a computer keyboard that a toilet seat. General office cleaners may flick a duster over the keyboards and wipe around the desk but can rarely achieve the level of cleanliness that is essential to keep bugs at bay and extend the life of the equipment.

Techclean is the market leader in its field, developing its expertise during the 1980s when it provided specialist cleaning services for the computer and communication rooms of large corporates. Today in a market that is ever-growing its big-name customers include Porsche and Disney – though banks, lawyers, call centres, schools, hospitals and universities along with general businesses that house computers all offer enormous opportunity.

Territories are generous –each catchment area includes at least 10,000 businesses. Franchisees can expect to achieve a net profit margin of over 55% within the first year of trading. No premises are needed, making the franchise a perfect business to run from a home office with minimal outlay.

The ideal owner will be well organised, ambitious and good with people and ideally have an aptitude for sales and marketing. No previous cleaning experience is required as full training is given.

Minimum Personal Investment: £ 7,000
Minimum Total Investment: £ 19,500
BFA Relationship: Associate
Franchise Type: Single Operator Manual
Industry: Cleaning

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