Techclean Franchisee Case Study Feed

Last updated: 26-October-2021

IT pro finds his niche with Techclean -


Mark Austen launched Techclean at the end of 2017 after 30 years working in the IT industry.

During three decades in the IT industry, Mark says attitudes towards the cleaning of technology have changed.

He said: It’s great to have found a new way to work with technology after 30 years in the sector. In the 80s and 90s, office computers would have a regular service clean, but this stopped when the cost of technologies decreased and it became the norm to upgrade every few years. Today, lack of routine cleaning means they become a breeding ground for germs, which doesn’t help matters when an illness is doing the rounds. Absenteeism represents a major headache and expense for employers, so keeping people fit and healthy is a top priority. Periodic deep cleans of communal and desk-based technologies can play a part in the improvement of employee wellbeing.”

Mark is quickly able to build a rapport with IT managers due to his previous experience as an IT project manager.

“I know my way around a server room, and as well as cleaning the equipment I can advise on ways to improve preventative maintenance, such as adding filters to vents,” says Mark.

Cleaning expert in new direction -


After almost 20 years running her highly successful Merry Maids domestic cleaning businesses in Wakefield and South Yorkshire, Susan Hawkin got an offer she couldn’t refuse for the companies.  Wanting to stay in franchising, she decided to buy Techclean Yorkshire from retiring owner Kevin Horan. Experience gained in the domestic cleaning industry made her very aware of the need for good hygiene in living and working environments and her new Techclean company allows her to use this knowledge whilst at the same time work in a completely different field.

“I was looking for a new challenge and in Techclean I have an exciting opportunity to use my cleaning industry expertise in a completely different environment”

Said Susan: “I am very familiar with running cleaning businesses, so I could hit the ground running, although the items we clean and the products we use are of course totally different in an office to those in domestic properties. I am dealing with a whole new customer base and enjoying a new lease of life.” 

Demand for her services has been highest at organisations in sectors such as financial services with regional or head offices located in Yorkshire. They typically employ a high number of desk-based staff in open plan environments, so the risk of technologies becoming infected is high when people cough or sneeze. She also offers cleaning services for server rooms, libraries and educational establishments.