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ServiceMaster Clean Franchise

ServiceMaster Clean® is the leading franchise opportunity in the commercial and residential cleaning industries.

Emma Chappell ServiceMaster Clean

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At a Glance

Established: 1929 in US and and 1959 in the UK

UK Presence: Over 500 UK location

Start Up Cost: £19,995

Min personal contribution: £5,995

International Presence Global

Development type: Single-unit franchises; multi-unit franchises

BFA Status: Full

Franchise Info

servicemaster commercial franchisee with van

ServiceMaster Clean® is the leading franchise opportunity in the commercial cleaning, residential and restoration industries. 

ServiceMaster Clean® is proud to be a member of the ServiceMaster Family of Brands which was founded in Chicago in 1929 and first launched in Britain in 1959; with over 60 years’ experience of franchising in the UK, you can be sure to be investing in an established franchise which a globally recognisable brand.

We have 3 established franchise models operating under our ServiceMaster Clean brand:

  • Residential Services (B2C): Residential carpet and upholstery cleaning   
  • Contract Services (B2B): Daily office cleaning for commercial customers
  • Commercial services (B2B): Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning

Each opportunity is outlined below.  Further information on any/all of the opportunities can be requested of the "Enquiry Form". 

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Residential Services

ServiceMaster Clean Residential offers carpet and upholstery cleaning to residential customers. This is an owner-operator, B2C franchise. It is the longest-standing franchise offered by ServiceMaster Clean.

Franchisees seek out and service homeowners across their franchise area for carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleans.

Managing and growing your business couldn’t be easier with our unique business management system, exclusive to ServiceMaster Clean Residential business owners. 

Not only is managing your business made easily, but so is the customer sales journey. You can be amongst the first to take advantage of the pioneering new ecommerce facility giving customers the flexibility to book and pay for their carpet and upholstery cleaning services online at any time of the day or night!

This flexible franchise opportunity would be suited to an individual with a passion for providing excellent customer service to the public and the drive and ambition to build a scalable carpet and upholstery cleaning business with the help of a world-renowned brand name established for almost 60 years. 

Join our no experience, flexible, low cost, work from home franchise opportunity.

  • Start up cost: £19,995
  • Min personal contribution: £5,995

servicemaster commercia franchisee with van

Contract Cleaning

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services provides daily office cleaning for commercial customers. This a management, B2B franchise.

If you are looking to work ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ it from day 1, our Contract Services commercial cleaning franchise will give you the opportunity to be your own boss and manage a team of cleaners who will deliver your specialist cleaning services whilst you build lasting relationships with your clients.

As the owner of your business, you will build relationships with clients in many sectors including, motor, education, health, care and retail to grow your business by providing regular cleaning services to their offices, showrooms, surgeries, classrooms and outlets through your professional team of cleaning staff.

Following our proven business model and with help from a qualified team of franchise professionals at ServiceMaster Clean, we have examples of businesses in our network that have grown in excess of £1,000,000 in less than 5 years.  

We’re currently on the look-out for passionate and driven individuals who are keen to make their dreams become a reality with a ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise. You’ll need access to £22,000 for your franchise investment and funds for working capital.

For those with determination to succeed in this lucrative, controlled and systemised business, the rewards can be seriously significant.

  • Start up cost: £22,000
  • Min personal contribution: £6,600

We only have 6 territories left to fill:

servicemaster commercia franchisee with van

Commercial Services

ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Services provides carpet and upholstery cleaning for commercial properties.

For those ambitious people that are comfortable in a B2B environment, our Commercial Services model is built around the delivery of carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning and maintenance programmes – aimed at businesses and organisations.  Franchisees seek out commercial contracts for regular maintenance cleans in addition to one off work.

Ongoing maintenance programmes provide regular income from those clients that value the appearance of the premises, creating a welcoming environment for their customers and a great workspace for their employees. Typical clients include restaurants, hotels, car showrooms, and typically any commercial building with hard floors, carpets or upholstery!

Typically, the average job commands a higher ticket price, and the work would be carried out at times that minimise disruption on that site.

Your enthusiasm and positive communications skills are the starting pointing for growing a multi-van Commercial Services franchise. Our established brand, proven business model and unrivalled support can facilitate this.

If you’re able to build strong and lasting relationships with your commercial clients as well as providing a professional service, then you’ll be able to grow a strong ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Services franchise with a view to employ further technicians to support you.

  • Start up cost: £23,500
  • Min personal contribution: £7,050

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Emma Chappell ServiceMaster Clean

Interested in ServiceMaster Clean?

Contact Emma Chappell

Franchise Sales Manager

Click on the link below to receive further information on our franchise opportunity. You can also connect directly with us to ask any questions.

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ServiceMaster Clean Franchise Resales

Case Studies

Case Study
Three times award winners

Rachael & Lee purchased ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey in 2004 and due to their commercial success, expanded the business to include West London and Hertfordshire, now known cumulatively as ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Jemsl. Rachael & Lee have developed a culture of providing exceptional customer service which has resulted in strong growth and expansion for the company in all areas.

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Case Study
Chris Blewitt of ServiceMaster Clean North East Wins Award of Excellence at ServiceMaster Live

The owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East is celebrating having won the prestigious Award of Excellence at ServiceMaster Live! ‘ServiceMaster Live!’, which took place this May, was a gathering of franchisees from across the ServiceMaster Ltd. brand family. 

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Case Study

In order to maintain brand integrity, we carefully select the franchise partners who are to join our brand by inviting prospective business owners to an interview with our ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Leader, Guy Strang.

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Case Study
Red carpet treatment for award-winning Servicemaster franchisee Siva

Is there anyone on the planet who didn’t think Siva Kugathas would win the Great British Franchisee Award? The owner of ServiceMaster in Guildford has transformed lives, raised standards, pushed envelopes, inspired others, and indulged in some serious philanthropy - as well as taking the annual turnover from £100,000 to more than £2 million in just four years.

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Case Study
Hear from one of the most successful ServiceMaster businesses

Established in 1996, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Stoke (CS Stoke) is one of the most successful Contract Services businesses in the ServiceMaster network.

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Case Study
A family affair with ServiceMaster Clean Residential and Commercial Services

Anna and Kevin Riley were helping out in ServiceMaster Clean when they discovered that they enjoyed the work... so much so that they took ownership of the company six years later. The share their journey into franchising so far. 

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Franchisor Interview
Interview with Emma Nicholson, Marketing Manager (Franchise Recruitment), ServiceMaster

Emma Nicholson is Marketing Manager (Franchise Recruitment) for ServiceMaster. ServiceMaster was founded in Chicago in 1929 and first launched in the UK in 1959.  The group currently consists of 6 brands – ServiceMaster Clean, ServiceMaster Restore, TruGreen, Rosemary Bookkeeping, Merry Maids and Furniture Medic.  Emma talks to us about the company’s franchise journey in the UK, their successes to date, and the challenges they have had to overcome; including how they coped during the Covid pandemic. “All existing strategies were out of the window and instead, we had to create a business contingency plan, not only for our central operations, but for our franchise brands too. We are continuing to work hard to rebuild and strengthen our brands.“

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ServiceMaster Live! Sharing Franchising Success

Back in business! ServiceMaster Brands UK. has just held its first conference for its franchise networks since 2019 following the COVID pandemic. Franchisees from ServiceMaster Clean: Contract Services, Residential and Commercial, ServiceMaster Restore, Merry Maids, TruGreen, and Rosemary Bookkeeping networks got together for the two-day event.

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Further expansion across South Wales for existing franchise owners

Jayne Gethin has owned and managed ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services South West Wales for over fifteen years and has grown it into a truly family run business with both her son ‘Jonathan’ and daughter ‘Lianne’, now working in the business. Following on from the success across South West Wales, Jayne was delighted when the opportunity became available to expand her operation and invest in a new territory – ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services South East Wales.

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Celebrating 30 years of success

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid-Anglia franchise was an obvious investment choice for Simon Taplin. The decision was inspired by a desire to work for himself but with the support of a franchisor, following many years of employment in multi-national corporations. From the outset, Simon believed that the ServiceMaster Clean business format was well thought out, well tested, and offered a clear path to success.

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Winners of the Great British Franchisee Awards

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services AAA are proud winners of the Great British Franchisee Awards. Business owner Siva Kugathas is passionate about his company ethos ‘Customer Mania’ and dedicates his time to building an exceptional working environment for his staff and in turn, building an exceptional team that are also committed to the ‘Customer Mania’ ethos.

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Continuous training opportunities

Here at ServiceMaster Clean, we believe strongly in continuous training to keep up to date with the latest trends in floorings, upholstery and furnishings and the equipment to clean them. That’s why we arrange many additional training programmes for franchisees so that they can keep on top of their game.

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ServiceMaster Brands - Stronger Together

Nothing proves that the future is bright for franchising more than the fact that 2020 was our biggest year for both enquiries and franchise partners joining our brands.

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