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Energie Fitness has over 140,000 members and enjoys more than 1,800,000 visits per year, meaning it is well established as the market-leader in the exploding low-cost gym franchise market.

Energie Fitness is different from your other low-cost gyms, as it is places a huge focus on customer service. This is the whole ethos of the business; provide an affordable and personal service to all customers ensuring they enjoy their experience and want to come back. All Energie Fitness gyms are constantly manned by well-trained staff, whether that’s a warm welcome from your gym host or from one of the many highly trained staff who are always on-hand to assist with a workout. Energie is also focused on giving members choices, ranging from the type of class they want to do or the kind of membership that suits them.  Energie Fitness was one of the first in the UK to introduce the low-cost, no contract concept and it has proven to be a winning combination.

Over 14% of the UK’s population is a gym member, with this number going up all the time. Over 25% of young people are now members of gyms, primarily down to improved education about the importance of staying fit. As a result the gym market is one of the fastest growing markets in the UK, particularly in the franchise sector.

Matt Roberts, the managing director of Energie Fitness Scotland,explains why he believes it is the perfect time to invest in an Energy Fitness franchise north of the border.

“At Energie fitness we know what we are and we know what we want to achieve. We are a market leader in gym franchising, both in terms of members and in terms of service. The success we have achieved is purely down to our business model; we make gym membership affordable but also give people top quality customer service ensuring they enjoy their experience and want to come back.

“How do we do this? Basically we listen to what our members want and give them choice. People want a gym constantly manned, where they are welcomed by a friendly face who can assist them if needed. Gym-goers want assistance from well-trained staff who can give them tips, encouragement and ensure they get the most out of that short window they have set aside to workout. Members also want well-run fitness classes at convenient times and want enough of them that they do not have to put their name down weeks in advance. On top of this we have a multi-tier membership which means they do not have to pay for services they do not use. Choice and innovation is key, other low-cost gyms simply don’t provide this level of service.

“The statistics tell us that gym membership is increasing all the time, among all age groups especially young people. As a result, as these people get older the number gym members can only go up. So combine the exploding demand with the unparalleled level of service we provide and I am convinced this is the perfect time to invest in an Energie Fitness franchise.”

Energie Fitness Scotland are looking for franchisees who have an ambition to succeed, but don’t necessarily need to have a gym or franchise background. Potential franchisees need to have a real drive to be their own boss and have the right attitude and commitment to push the business forward. The support franchisees receive is unparalleled, with a dedicated highly-skilled and experienced team based in Scotland on hand to support franchisees throughout the franchise process and beyond. New franchisees will receive full in-house training and shadow training, in areas including sales, customer service, leadership, fitness, marketing and IT, only when they tick every box will they be allowed to open. Franchisees will be given full assistance to find premises in suitable high footfall locations and will be able to take advantage of Energie’s excellent commercial contacts throughout Scotland.

Roberts adds: “We won’t be offering this opportunity to just anybody, it is essential that we find the right people who share our vision, commitment and drive for betterment. Our whole business is centred around excellent customer service and this has to continue. For the right person this is a great opportunity to create a successful high-demand business with huge potential.

Energie Fitness is looking for both individual franchisees who may be looking to open a business as a lifestyle choice, or multi-site franchisees who have the vision to open a chain of gyms. Potential franchisees must have minimum liquid cash of between £95,000 to £125,000.

Learn more about franchise opportunities with Energie Fitness here!

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