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New Start in Scotland


80:20 Financial Management, a 14 strong UK based franchise providing financial support to local business, heralds its arrival in Scotland with Edinburgh its first location. Headed up by Gordon Rigby, an experienced Financial Controller, he can call on the skills of George Taylor and Jim Rigby, both of whom have impressive financial management experience assisting SME’s.

Gordon launches 80:20 Financial Management with a target to save local businesses £ 50,000 during the remainder of 2007. Conducting a no-risk, no obligation, independent and confidential review of management finances he will grow the profits of the local business community – helping those in the driving seat predict the road ahead.

Gordon and his team work out of Edinburgh offering interventions at three levels: financial support services (book keeping, payroll and more), financial controller services (cash flow management, management accounts and more) and financial director services (a strategic, director support role to harness finance for success).

Glenn Lawrence, Managing Director of the franchise group says, ‘It is about optimising a company’s financial strength, providing guidance and support to maximise efficiency and profitability. With small and medium sized enterprises today the pressure is always on, be it to stay lean and beat the competition or to breathe life into a great idea. The 80:20 difference is that we take away the headache of the numbers and allow our clients to focus on the future.’

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