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Swisher in Scotland has played its part in the successful completion of the WaterAid Munro Challenge 2005 on 14th June. John Ross from Swisher Central Scotland and Mike Heriot from Swisher Edinburgh, ably assisted by their two sons Iain Ross and Iain Heriot, were part of the challenge to raise £300,000 in funds for WaterAid (and climb to the top of most of the mountains over 3,000ft in Scotland, England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland on the same day). Our 4 intrepid Swisher climbers were part of 3,109 climbers in 589 teams who reached the top of each of the mountains on the same day for a world record achievement, at the same time raising a phenomenal amount of money for a very worthwhile cause; and one has to say it all took part in excellent weather.

Swisher Scotland franchisees climbed to the top of Mount Creise in the Blackmount Range in Glencoe, which at 1100 metres is one of the highest peaks in the area. They resisted, with great willpower, to reach the first stage by ski-lift but their route took them via the top of another Munro first Meall A’Buiridh, not for an additional challenge but simply because it’s easier to get to the top of Creise from there. The initial climb was probably the hardest part of the trip because it is a straight climb up quite a steep mountain. Several stops and about 3 hours later in blistering heat they reached the top. Attached are photographs to prove it. The next stage was to go down and cross a narrow ridge before another steep climb to reach the ridge that forms Creise. The snow that was still lying in the gulleys was testament to the fact that in Scotland you can get all four seasons in one day. But as the day was so fine our intrepid climbers could see at least 40 miles in all directions.

The climb down was quite hard but the thought of a cold beer at the end of it was enough incentive to ensure that the Swisher team returned back to the car park from whence they started. John and Mike are absolutely delighted that they have raised £800 towards this worthwhile charity.

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