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Success Generated at Franchise Finals


John Murray, (44), who runs the Cash Generator franchises in Airdrie and Wishaw, won a highly commended certificate of merit in this year’s Franchisee of the Year Awards, sponsored by HSBC Bank and supported by the Daily Express.

The award was presented to John by Cathryn Hayes, HSBC’s national franchise manager, at a gala dinner at the ICC in Birmingham last night (7 October). HSBC has provided financial support and advice to franchisors and franchisees in the UK for over 20 years and has more than doubled its lending to the sector during 2004.

Speaking after the awards, John said: “When I first looked into franchising I thought I could set something up from scratch. Looking back I’m pleased I went with Cash Generator because the support I’ve had and the soundness of the business formula has allowed me to concentrate on getting the very best from the business.”

In October 1999, after spending 23 years in the Armed Forces, John visited a franchise exhibition where he spotted a brilliant idea for recycling unwanted consumer goods. Intent on replicating the idea himself he set out to find out as much as he could before embarking on his own venture. However, after meeting Cash Generator’s founder, Brian Lewis, he soon recognised the size and complexity of the business and realised he could only proceed with the support of a proven franchisor behind him.

In presenting the award, Cathryn Hayes, national franchise manager at HSBC, said: “Franchising gives people the opportunity to make the most of their entrepreneurial talent, but with fewer risks than starting their own business from scratch. As a leading lender to the franchise sector, HSBC recognises that the hard work, enthusiasm and business nous of people like John will help turn a good franchise into a great franchise. He deserves his success.”

He says that funding the franchise was quite a challenge. He borrowed from his parents and the bank, but still needed more. It was when Brian Lewis lent him the £20,000 he needed that he was in business. John hasn’t looked back and his business is now turning over more than £1.5m a year.

Photo: L to R
Jon Notley, classified advertising manager for Express Newspapers, John Murray, Cash Generator, Sir Bernard Ingham, president of the British Franchise Association and Cathryn Hayes, HSBC’s national franchise manager.

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