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Men Can Care, says Home Instead!


Home Instead is proud to have a whole range of people that make up its team of Care Professionals. Male, female, young, old; it welcomes anyone with compassion and dedication to their roles. Care might have traditionally been seen as a job for females, but fortunately things are changing. One Home Instead franchise team is playing a key part in that, even winning an award and gaining a great deal of positive publicity off the back of it.

Fiona Lauder is Head of Recruitment and Retention at several Home Instead franchise offices in Scotland. She launched a #MenCanCare campaign on social media, highlighting the wonderful men who currently support clients with the aim to get more to come onboard.

The campaign was a resounding success, with the number of male applicants increasing by 10%. It showed how the care sector can give its recruitment a boost by focusing on men.

The recruitment industry was so impressed with the campaign that it contributed to the franchise team winning various awards, including two British Recruitment Awards and an s1jobs Award.

Scottish newspaper, the Daily Record, was keen to give some of the company’s male Care Professionals the recognition they deserve, interviewing three members of the team and writing a feature on the topic. With the headline ‘Big-hearted men are finding their calling in the social care profession’ the article helped dispel the stereotype that care is ‘women’s work.’

Home Instead’s care is relationship-led, meaning that Care Professionals are matched to clients based on similar interests. More males coming onboard means having a wider range of personalities and more scope for clients to bond with a Care Professional who just gets them.

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