Date Updated: 29-June-2020

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Join the low-cost snack distribution franchise backed by a multi-million-pound company. Charisnack is the original, home-based, snack distribution franchise; we place our self-service vending boxes into businesses and workplaces. The Charisnack model is based on charity partnerships and cause-related marketing; we raise money for charity through the sale of our products. We were one of the first brands to pioneer the cause-based snacking sector and remain one of the leading brands with over 47 franchises across the UK.

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    Snack in the Box franchisees deliver Mars and Walkers confectionery to vending machines and boxes within SME businesses.

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    Charisnack is a home-based, low-cost snack distribution franchise. Our cause-based business model allows our franchisees to raise money for charity whilst earning.

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