Date Updated: 30-March-2020

Oven cleaning franchises

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Oven Wizards

Join the UK's fastest growing oven cleaning franchise. This is a low cost franchise with low overheads, with opportunities for both single-unit and multi-unit franchises.

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    Oven Wizards are the UK's fastest growing oven cleaning franchise; home-based franchise with opportunities for both single and multi-van operators.

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    Ovenclean franchise owners provide a top-quality, unique oven cleaning system with the option to expand and manage staff, who undertake the work.

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About Oven cleaning franchises

Cleaning franchises remain as popular as ever with one sector witnessing increased growth in recent years – oven cleaning franchises.  You just need to ask households in the UK what their most hated chore is to appreciate the growing need for oven cleaning companies.  This demand has in turn led to the growth in franchises companies who solely specialize in cleaning ovens using dedicated oven cleaning products.

The majority of oven cleaning franchise opportunities require the franchisee to be hands on in their role.  These van-based opportunities will be run from home, and because of this, overheads, and the initial franchise investment, will tend to be lower than many other “similar” cleaning business opportunities.

Many oven cleaning franchises offer franchise owners, once they have successfully built up their initial franchise, the opportunity to develop their business into a multi-van operation.  These oven cleaning franchise owners will then tend to be more involved in the management of the entire business and less hands-on in the oven cleaning itself.

Another key benefit of investing in an oven cleaning business is that due to the simplicity of the franchise model and the niche market you are operating in, no experience is required in order to buy an oven cleaning franchise.  A good franchise company will also provide you with all the required training and support needed to successfully manager your own oven cleaning business. 

Oven cleaning franchise owners also tend to have the flexibility to work the hours that suit them, allowing them to find a desired work/life balance.

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