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16 Dream Doors franchisees top £1M in revenue each


16 Dream Doors franchisees sold £1million or more in 2023. The highest performing branch, based in Worcester, sold £1.63M, while second place went to ex-kitchen fitter David McLeod from Dream Doors North Glasgow, who increased his sales by 20%. What’s even more impressive is David only started in 2020, taking over from a retiring franchisee for whom he’d worked for since 2013. Other Dream Doors locations to top £1M in revenue last year include areas as diverse as Southampton, Stoke and Swansea; Wakefield, West Nottingham and Woking - while franchise owners in Bath, Croydon and West Edinburgh hit seven figures for the very first time.

Dream Doors Managing Director, Rick Howcroft, said: “Set against challenging times for retailers across the UK, it’s heartening to see Dream Doors continue to buck trends. With 16 hard working franchise owners topping £1M each, and several more only a few thousand pound short of seven figures, our average showroom turnover has increased once again this year.

“There’s no doubt that Dream Doors’ kitchen makeovers – a genuine cost-saving alternative to a fully-fitted kitchen – appeal to cash-strapped households. The fact that we deliver those makeovers through locally owned franchised businesses, all of whom provide a premium and personal service, resonates with customers too.”

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