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ServiceMaster Clean and Merry Maids Spring Forward Into 2024!


ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services and Merry Maids franchisees SMASHED into 2024 at this year’s ServiceMaster Spring Forward event.

120 delegates, including business owners from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services and Merry Maids businesses across the UK, rallied in Coventry this month for ServiceMaster Brands UK’s Spring Forward event.

The day was packed with informative sessions from Team Academy on how owners and staff can utilise their natural superpowers to create an impact in their businesses.

Everyone in attendance, including sponsors like HSBC UK and Capital Fleet Solutions, got the chance to think differently about their visions for their businesses and take a step back to realise the different people they have invested in and use people profiles to build better efficiencies within their business structures.

They finished in style with a gala dinner and awards evening that saw franchise business owners from both brands awarded for their accomplishments over the last year.

Business Development Sessions

Team Academy specialises in providing training that both excites and informs.

They were full of energy and their sessions were focused on the fundamentals of building a strong business.

Their team, Rachel, Andy, Sam, (and Spud) guided delegates through three informative and engaging breakout sessions to help them develop their mindset, customer profiling and dynamics to help them manage their customer and employee relationships.


This session focused on deconstructing the different levels of thought and how that changes depending on your circle of influence (factors you can impact).

Delegates found techniques to manage and communicate effectively to get the best from a situation.


This dynamic session helped delegates navigate their personality and leadership profiles and what that means for those around them professionally and personally.

Team Dynamics and Trust

This session was all about the true essence of defining trust in a professional dynamic.

Understanding the ‘human’ impact of being in business and the reality of being in a team isn’t as black and white as it might first appear.

Using an equation which looked at credibility, reliability, human intimacy, and self-orientation helped our delegates quantify and understand how trust is maintained between people.

Goal Setting

In the final group session, our delegates came together to set goals for the months ahead and smash through any obstacles that stood in their way in a rather unconventional manner… breaking through planks of wood!

Awards Gala

The evening gala dinner and awards ceremony say franchise businesses from over 25 Merry Maids and ServiceMaster Clean brands achieve awards for business growth, employee excellence, environmental initiatives, customer service and brand excellence – all capped off with the chance to dance the night away and celebrate in style!

Here’s to 2024!

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