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Snack in the Box continues to 'drive' success with its franchisees!

As part of our initial operational support, Snack in the Box provides our new Franchisees with customer ‘routing’ assistance. Using specialist software, we are able to plot a Franchisees customer visits for each day.

The software plots the quickest route for the days ‘customer visits’, which allows new Franchisees to maximise the number of customers that can be visited in one day and in-turn maximise their sales revenues.

Sean Cleveland, Sales Director of SITB, adds:

“Our New Franchisees find this area of support invaluable, as it ensures all customers are visited and provides Franchisees with a set route and ‘call plan’. We provide this service to Franchisees during their first month of trading, as it can be quite daunting visiting over 30 customers in day!”

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