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Helen Doron Education launches multi-programme franchise opportunities for the UK


Helen Doron Educational Group, a leading global education franchise, recently unveiled an exciting and exclusive new franchise investment opportunity for the UK market, offering multiple programmes under one business – Helen Doron Education. Officially announced at the International Franchise Show (IFS), this innovative new model allows franchisees to offer multiple educational programmes through a single business entity.

Coinciding with the brand’s recent induction into the British Franchise Association (BFA), Helen Doron Education marked its debut at the IFS, hosted at the ExCeL centre in London. During the two-day event, the brand’s namesake founder and CEO presented two speaking sessions, including a keynote speech on ‘Educational Franchising: Bringing Value to Your Community’.

“We were thrilled to launch our new programme at the International Franchise Show,” said Helen Doron, founder and CEO. “The event provided the perfect platform to connect with potential partners eager to join the growth of our educational franchise, as well as unveil our new programme. The show was a special event for me personally for many reasons. I was born in London, so I was excited to return and meet with so many passionate franchising professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. We have ambitious plans for our expansion into the UK and the interest and enthusiasm at the show has reinforced our belief that there is a strong demand for our innovative educational methods.”

Helen Doron Education, includes five unique programmes in one package - English Language Skills, Mathematics, Spanish, Early Child Development and Drama. This one-stop shop allows students to experience a cohesive and varied educational journey, promoting a well-rounded development across multiple areas. Helen Doron Educational provides the framework and rich content curriculum for children aged three months to 19 years to succeed in today’s world and realise their full potential.

With the supplementary education market in the UK valued at an estimated £7.5 billion, Helen Doron Education provides prospects with the opportunity to meet this demand in local communities across the nation. Following the success of IFS, the team is keen to meet with passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs seeking the perfect opportunity to shape young people’s lives.

“I am excited for the future as we bring new franchisees on board to help bolster our growth across the UK,” said Helen. “Whilst our journey is just beginning, we’re building the foundations for a lasting and impactful presence where we can provide educational excellence, enjoyment and creativity for children everywhere.”

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