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Milton Keynes' equation for success: new maths-only learning centre opens its doors


An exciting new addition to the community’s educational landscape has opened its doors. Unsatisfied with the maths tutoring options in the area, dad of two, René Scholtz, has taken matters into his own hands by launching Mathnasium of Milton Keynes. This maths-only learning centre aims to cultivate a passion for the subject among learners from reception to GCSE level.

“After 20 years in finance, working with major companies like DHL and BP, I earned my MBA during the pandemic and served as the finance director for an American hair and beauty company for three years,” shared René. “My journey to Mathnasium began when I was searching for a quality maths tutoring programme for my daughter. I had always looked for opportunities to work for myself, but nothing caught my interest until then.

“While other maths providers were in the area, none really stood out. That’s when I decided to bring Mathnasium’s distinct methods and proven results to Milton Keynes, not only for my daughter but for every other child in our community.”

With his background in finance, René brings a unique perspective to maths education. Blending analytical skills with a genuine passion for helping students thrive, his drive to teach maths in a way that resonates with students stems from past experiences with his own tutor.

“Maths wasn’t my strongest subject in school, but it clicked later in life when my university lecturer took the time to explain it,” added René. “That experience made me realise the importance of a supportive tutor. They really have the potential to change someone’s life. I want to pay it forward, challenging the belief that maths is an inaccessible foreign language, and give back in the same way my university tutor did for me.”

René is joined by Assistant Centre Director Jeff Baker, who brings a distinctive blend of experience in personal training and finance. With this diverse background, he is motivated to support children of all abilities in reaching their goals and excelling in maths.

“Coming from a finance background and studying accounting at university, I eventually went into personal training and gym work,” said Jeff. “Helping others achieve their goals and stay motivated has always been a passion of mine. I firmly believe that with determination, anything is possible. That’s what Mathnasium is all about. Seeing the moment when children connect the dots and quite literally put two and two together is truly amazing.”

Mathnasium has garnered a reputation for igniting a passion and curiosity for maths among students of all ages and skill levels. Whether struggling, doing okay but with room for improvement, or already excelling but seeking greater challenges, Mathnasium’s focused, caring and fun learning approach consistently delivers results.

While the centre only opened a short time ago, the duo, along with their team of five instructors, are already seeing these results firsthand.

“It’s early days, but we’re already witnessing so many children who previously struggled with maths now smiling and brimming with confidence,” said René. “We can’t wait to see the positive impact that Mathnasium will have on the lives of children across Milton Keynes, one equation at a time, for many years to come.”

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