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Double the excitement: two cutting-edge maths centres launch in Richmond and Twickenham


An exciting day for young learners and families in the Richmond and Twickenham communities is just around the corner. On Saturday 9th September, Mathnasium of Richmond and Mathnasium of Twickenham will host the grand openings of the neighbourhoods’ brand-new maths-only learning centres, inviting children and parents alike to immerse themselves in a day full of fun maths activities.

With an innovative and personalised approach to maths education, Mathnasium has earned its reputation for sparking a passion and curiosity for maths. The two centres are geared up to ignite a love for the subject by teaching it in an accessible and enjoyable way to learners in reception to GCSE in the Richmond and Twickenham communities.

Before opening Mathnasium of Richmond, Centre Director Fiona MacKenzie was a maths instructor for five years. Having seen the transformation in confidence in so many children over the years, she is excited to share her passion for maths with children in the Richmond area by launching her own centre.

“I’m truly thrilled to bring top-notch maths learning experiences to the children of Richmond,” said Fiona. “The launch of Mathnasium in Richmond signifies an exciting opportunity to positively impact young learners by fostering a deep-rooted appreciation for maths. Our team is committed to creating an immersive and dynamic educational environment where children can enhance their maths skills and develop the confidence to tackle any mathematical challenge that comes their way.”

Sasha Niroumand, Centre Director of Mathnasium of Twickenham, spent her childhood being home-schooled in Florida before entering school in the UK. These early home-schooling years instilled in her a strong belief in a hands-on, interactive approach to learning and the importance of maths being taught in a way that suits the learner.

“I firmly believe that providing children with quality, personalised tutoring in maths is an essential foundation for their overall academic growth and future success,” explained Sasha. “Maths is not just about numbers – it’s about building problem-solving skills, critical thinking and a strong analytical mindset that transcends the classroom. With the launch of Mathnasium of Twickenham, we’re committed to delivering an unmatched learning experience that caters to each child’s unique learning style and pace.”

Between 12pm and 4pm, both Mathnasium centres will host interactive maths stations, imaginative problem-solving challenges and hands-on games, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for every child. But the event is not just for children. Parents will be welcome to join in, gaining an inside look at the Mathnasium teaching methodology and curriculum.

“Our event is all about showcasing the fun and exciting side of maths,” said Fiona. “From interactive maths stations and challenges to other activities like face painting, we’ll be making sure everyone has a great time while discovering how maths can be a blast.”

By participating in these activities, both children and parents will have the chance to win an array of exciting prizes.

“Our goal is to create an environment where families can experience first-hand how accessible maths can be when it’s presented in a dynamic way,” explained Sasha. “Plus, there will be an extra excitement with the chance to win some must-have prizes. I can’t wait to welcome the families of Twickenham to an afternoon of learning, discovery and fun!”

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