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The scores add up: Mathnasium celebrates franchisee satisfaction in WorkBuzz survey


It is not just its students that are calculating great success in 2023, as Mathnasium, one of the fastest-growing after-school education franchises in the UK, is celebrating being awarded 5-Star Satisfaction status, accompanied by resounding endorsements from its esteemed network of franchisees. With this recognition, Mathnasium solidifies its position as the leading destination for comprehensive maths education while blazing a trail as a franchise that is consistently setting high standards within the education industry.

WorkBuzz is an independent organisation that has gathered feedback provided by the franchisees of 200+ brands across the UK since 2011. Franchisees rate their franchisor in key areas such as training and support, system, culture, relationships, leadership and overall satisfaction.

“We’re absolutely delighted by the results of the survey,” said John Preston, UK Master Franchisee for Mathnasium. “The last few years have been spent building an incredible head office team, mentoring franchisees and implementing positive, lasting change to drive the business forwards. It doesn’t get much better than being awarded 5-Star Satisfaction from your own network!”

The results of the survey produce a benchmark for participating franchise brands. Since last year's survey, Mathnasium has made significant strides in franchisee satisfaction, with its overall rating climbing from 82% to an impressive 87%. This increase underscores Mathnasium's unwavering commitment to responding to franchisee feedback and swiftly implementing necessary improvements, ensuring a continuously improved experience for its network.

The results speak for themselves: 86% of franchisees firmly believe that Mathnasium will take decisive action based on this year's survey results, and an overwhelming 93% express their pride in being an integral part of the franchisee network. As a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to success, 100% of franchisees voiced their expectation of improved profitability within the next 12 months, and 93% of franchisees believe that Mathnasium possesses a proven system with superior products and services that outshine local competition.

These figures demonstrate franchisees' trust and confidence in Mathnasium and highlight the brand's ability to deliver on its promises and foster a thriving, lucrative environment.

“We are delighted to be giving Mathnasium a 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction award,” said Sharon Weston, Head of Franchising at WorkBuzz. “What makes this award so special is that it’s entirely based on confidential feedback from their franchisees. Mathnasium have demonstrated how valuable it is to listen and act on feedback.

“While there is no guarantee of success, franchisors like Mathnasium – that can demonstrate strength in these areas – are a great place to start for individuals looking to launch a franchise business.”

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