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The benefits of being a company's first franchisee!


In every franchise network, there is someone who has led the way for others, the pioneering franchisee!  The individual who took the leap and bought into the challenge, and excitement, of being the company’s first franchisee.

However, that leap shouldn’t be into the unknown.  If it is an ethical franchise, the model should be a proven concept, developed by a business with many years of successful trading under its belt.

Here at The Drain Guys, we’ve been successfully running our drainage company since 2016, and prior to this, I was a franchisee for a national drainage brand. Drainage is something I know inside and out. In 2022, due to an increasing demand for our services outside of our local area, I decide to franchise the business.  So, whilst we are new to franchising, we are not new to drainage and have a very successful model that we are now ready to share with likeminded individuals.

Whilst buying into a new franchise may not be something you initially think about when researching opportunities, as many prospective franchisees are drawn to brands they know or ones they have researched and are shown to have a proven track record in franchising, being the first franchisee in a network can have many benefits.

Firstly, there is the opportunity to provide input and feedback to the franchisor on how the business should be run, giving you more influence in shaping the direction of the franchise and driving the growth of the business.

As the first franchisee you should have access to a more affordable / lower fee structure.  As the franchise develops and more training and support is needed for the network, it is in evitable that the fees will be increased to support this.

You will tend to receive more personalised support from the franchisor as they will want to make sure that you are receiving sufficient training and support to get your business up and running and trading successfully, helping to encourage others to join the network.  You will be the benchmark for all franchisees who join after you.

There is greater potential for success, because as the business develops, you will develop with it.  There may be opportunities to expand and take on new territories.

And it is exciting to be known as the company’s first franchisee, the one who identified the opportunity and grasped it with both hands.  McDonald’s first franchisee was a gentleman called Neil Fox.  Neil took the gamble and bought the rights to open the first McDonalds franchise in 1953 for $1000. He has ultimately led the way for the 38,000 restaurants operating worldwide today. 

At The Drain Guys we are looking for our first franchisee, our very own Neil Fox.  We are looking for like-minded individuals who want to start our franchise journey with us.

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