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TruGreen Downlands wins the Marketing Franchisee of the Year Award


Jonathan Bell, the owner of TruGreen Downlands is celebrating after winning the coveted TruGreen Marketing Franchisee of the Year award at ServiceMaster Live!

After setting up his business in 2016, Jonathan Bell has taken TruGreen Downlands from strength to strength, including persevering through the COVID-19 pandemic and now winning an award for TruGreen Marketing Franchisee of the Year.

Offering lawn care services throughout Swindon, Wantage, Devizes, Hungerford and more, TruGreen Lawncare is everyone’s one-stop-shop for professional and highly-rated lawncare. From Moss Treatments, Scarification, Weed Control to lawn Pest Management and more – TruGreen Downlands offers it all. The difficulty for many business owners is attracting customers to hear about all of the amazing services they offer.

But this year, Jonathan has excelled at just this, as evidenced by his winning this prestigious award. Marketing Franchisee of the Year was introduced in 2020 to recognise the exceptional marketing efforts of a franchisee who goes above and beyond to spread the word of their services far and wide.

Of his award, Jonathan says he is “Delighted. It feels really good to have the focus on marketing that I’ve been doing over the past year be officially recognised by the wider brand,” he says. This focus took many forms, such as multiple branded vehicles and some exceptional reviews, but Jonathan attributes his marketing success to “hard work and following the TruGreen business model”, which in his case, looks like utilising the best time of the year for every TruGreen to its full potential.

“Using the time during the spring period – which is our busiest period, through a leaflet drop I was able to double the number of enquiries I usually get,” Jonathan says.

TruGreen Marketing Manager Siân Lovatt was thrilled with Jonathan’s work in the last 12 months. She says, “Jonathan was a clear winner of Marketing Franchisee of the Year for me this year. Not only does he proactively engage with the marketing team, but he also has a clear marketing plan along with some clear marketing objectives for his business. Earlier this year off his own back, Jonathan offered to help Head Office with some facts and figures for a large project and organised getting these from franchisees within the TruGreen network. Already Jonathan has seen a return on investment from his marketing initiatives. Not only is Jonathan proactive in all local marketing but he is also engaged with national activities and is a keen team player. Well done Jonathan, this award is thoroughly deserved!”

If you would like to grow your very own TruGreen business with the help of a dedicated franchise support staff, who are on hand to help you with every aspect of running your business, get in touch with our friendly franchise sales team today to find available territories near you.

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