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Continuous training opportunities


Here at ServiceMaster Clean, we believe strongly in continuous training to keep up to date with the latest trends in floorings, upholstery and furnishings and the equipment to clean them. That’s why we arrange many additional training programmes for franchisees so that they can keep on top of their game.

This week we had a full day training with the National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA) for additional training on Textile Insect Pest Control. Fleas, moths, beetles and other household insects can destroy the fibres in carpets and upholstery, leaving holes and an odour. Not only this, but they can irritate human and pet skin.

The training is a great way of keeping up to date with the latest legalities surrounding pesticides and providing these types of treatments in customers homes, as well as the most effective and safest techniques in doing so. A secondary benefit is that its a good opportunity for the network to come together and discuss their learnings too!

We are all for ensuring that the customer receives the best and most effective service for their requirement, particularly when we are one of a select few businesses to offer this service due to the complexity of it. Our brand is known to have a great reputation in the market for both cleaning and insect treatments. This helps when growing your business!

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