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KEEPING an eye on the competition in the world of franchising led Andy Wilkinson to launch his own Dream Doors showroom.

Before joining the UK’s #1 kitchen makeover company six years ago, Andy worked as an area manager for another franchise firm for 20 years.

Andy, who worked with around 30 franchisees between Middlesbrough and Loughborough, said: “As an area manager one of my jobs was to look at other franchise models for comparison; not with a view to becoming a franchisee, just to see what they were up to, so I first looked into Dream Doors and its business model several years ago.

“So, after 20 years with my previous employer, I fancied a change and had reached that point where I thought to myself: ‘Am I going to do this to retirement?’”

Andy says that he ‘already knew franchising inside and out’ at this point in his career and narrowed down his choice of which franchise he wanted to join to Dream Doors and one other competitor.

Andy said: “I viewed detailed business plans and projections for Dream Doors and that was what did it for me.

“Between the two franchise models I was looking into, I went with Dream Doors – the model and the business plan ticked all the boxes.

“The model’s perfect. I’ve been in franchising for 26 year now and there’s no smoke and mirrors here; it’s all 100 per cent genuine.”

Andy works alongside his wife Terri, who worked in a residential care home for children for five years prior to joining Dream Doors.

Dream Doors is looking for more talented franchisees like Andy and Terri who are ready to represent an industry-leading brand as part of a recession-proof business model.

Learn more about franchise opportunities with Dream Doors here!

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